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Audrey Grant

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ScreamScream by Mike Dellosso
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was leery of this book when I read some of the previews, thinking this might be way over the top for me. But I was very pleasantly surprised! The screams on the phone were never really figured out or explained why they started or stopped. That stumped me and ended up giving only 4 stars.
But the author did a tremendous job of describing feelings, emotions, the way each person looked, stood, dressed, etc.. in a new and unique way. And was able to keep his bad guy a seceret up until right near the end. That is often very hard in a small town when he is a prominent person! I liked that a lot!

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  1. I devoured this book!! :P ...and personally, I thought the screams were just an extreme wake-up call, an opening of the character's eyes to what really goes on, and as such it was a warning from God. :)

  2. I read it in one sitting! It was a wonderful book and incredibly written. And I understand what you mean by the extreme wake-up call, I'm just and answers kind of gal. (Which gets me in trouble with God a lot!) I want to have the "Why" explained to me. :~)
    I know that God in His infinite wisdom doesn't tell us "Why" He chooses to do things and "Why" this person and not that one...I was just hoping the author would! LOL