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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lydia's Charm - 4 of 5 Stars

Lydia's CharmLydia's Charm by Wanda E. Brunstetter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I did something new with this book. I checked it out from my local library online!! I was able to download the e-book to my iPod and read it! It is a wonderful program! I have missed my local library so very much being stuck at home the last three years. I can't count the times I have looked in my purse at my library card with longing!
Now,that being said! The book...
I LOVE Wanda's books! I love her style of writing, her depth of characters, descriptions of everything from the food, to the emotions and facial expressions.
But this was not my favorite book of hers. I felt like everyone kept dying. *SPOILERS ALERT* I know that life can be very rough and one person, or family, can seem to have what seems like more than their fair share of trouble at times in their life. (In fact I have lived this) But at the same time. When you have so many widows and widowers in such a short period of time in such a small community and then they are pairing up together it just seemed to not flow as naturally as most of her books.
The other thing I struggled with is the main character seeming to heal and accept the loss of her son and move on so quick! Trying to go back to work after a week. Going visiting and to supper with people withing a few weeks of her son dying, thinking about the possibility of remarriage and raising someone else's sons and having more of her own with another man when her her son has been dead a month or two and her husband a year!!
I have friends who lost their 4 year old son and 6month old daughter this past winter in a car accident. They are still deeply hurt and there was no quick bounce back. Even with God there holding them every step of the way. The loneliness and quiet is enough to make this a long process.
I may be being too hard on this book because it hit so close to home and hit such a sore and tender spot in my heart. It is a great book and as always, Wanda's writing is impeccable! I just felt rushed and a bit overwhelmed with the deaths. Of course, if a book doesn't stir up feelings and emotions of some kind for me...why read it?

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