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I prefer a printed copy that I can hold in my hands and become old friends with, but will also accept E-books in Kindle, PDF or Nook formats.

I am a Christian and seek to glorify my Lord. As such I will not read any erotic, paranormal, vampire, or such books. I also will stop reading any book that has bad language (Cursing and taking my Lord’s name in vain.), and books with gratuitous sex. This is one reason I have chosen to be associated with the Publishing Companies and the Authors that are on my site because I feel safe recommending them to others.

Audrey Grant

Monday, June 18, 2012


I have redesigned my blog button! The one I had before was very small and the picture was not clear and easy to read. I am much happier with this one but I'm not a professional so still may get some help from my sister who is, after her upcoming wedding in October! Until then, if you have my button on your site and would like to change it to the new one the new url should be; http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-C_B3l5fS-WM/T91iUXyvITI/AAAAAAAABKw/x7_2dtnRM_I/s240/Cabin%2BFever%2BNEW%2BReading%2B%25232.png or can be found under the new picture in the upper right hand side of my Book Blog @ http://cabinfeverreading.blogspot.com/

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported and encouraged my efforts in launching this new project! It has surprised me in how fast it has taken off! I have had a lot of help from other book bloggers and friends who have held my hand and walked me through some scary first steps! Thank you all very much!! Thank you to my Family who were among the first to support and “Follow” my Blog! You will never know what an encouragement it was to see your faces and names there on the side of my page!

I know compared to a lot of other blogs, my #’s as far as followers who have actually joined, are not very high yet. But when I stop and realize I have only been on here 3 months and over 500 new people have visited this site and with return visits my ticker count is almost at 1,500 in such a short period of time…I know I am truly blessed!
So thank you all very much!

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