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Audrey Grant

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Child at Heart

I have been asked so many times in the last two weeks "when did you first develop an interest in reading?" and "Who instilled that deep interest in you?"
Both of these questions are kind of like asking me if I remember what my first jar of baby food was and who fed it to me! It just was!!
As far back as I can remember reading has been the NORM at our house. "Go clean your room" (We would end up in trouble because it got too quiet and so Mom knew we were reading instead of cleaning!) "Go play out side! You need fresh air and take TOYS to play with!" So you wrap your baby doll & a book in a blanket and go sit behind a tree and read, if you get caught..."Shh, my baby just went down for her nap!"
I really don't know how my Mom got anything done with 4 kids who read as veraciously as we did and her having to proof read new authors to make sure they were ok for us to read. I know of at least 1 library that we read all the books they had that were considered by our parents as acceptable for us to read!! That is a lot of books.
So I have had a love for good children's books. Books that catch the imagination. Teach without lying or boring the children to death! And as a School teacher for 9 yrs in a Private Christian School, A Child Caregiver in Day Care and Preschool facilities, A Mother of 3,  and Aunt to 27 (so far) nieces and nephews, I have a bit of experience to draw from so I think this would be the next logical page to start.
I have a running list of my favorite Children's books. I think for now I will compile that list with Authors and leave it up for a while and if anyone wants to send me a new one to try or suggest a new one to add to the ongoing list that would be great!
I would like to try this page more open forum so everyone can ask questions about and make comments about the books. Lets see what happens! Right now it is 2:30am so I am going to bed and will try to compile a list later today! If any of you want to start adding books or Authors for consideration...go right ahead! Just cause I'm on Alaska time doesn't mean you all have to wait for me!

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