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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not This Time ~ 4 Stars

Not This TimeNot This Time by Vicki Hinze
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

WHEW!! I need to take a huge breath after that book!! I know it is sometimes hard to jump into the middle (or end, in this case) of a series and figure everything and everyone out, connect all the dots...but WOW!! There were so very many people and agencies involved in this book I still didn't have them all figured out by the wrap up letter at the end of the book!!
Plus, what are the human odds that you are going to have the same "terrorist type cell" that are all american and all but a couple from the same VILLAGE living in the same village that is full of FBI agents, Undercover Shadow Agents, two computer geniuses who have some of the highest security clearance in the World??? And this is the third time they have all worked together to take this cell down and it keeps growing in among them and they don't know? But they are the best and brightest in our country??
I found it frustrating. If it was a huge city like New York or Chicago, etc. MAYBE, in hundreds of thousands of people, but in a VILLAGE?? Not likely.
That is why I gave this book a 4. As far as writing and getting into the main character's mind and feelings, Vicki did a masterful job! Some of her descriptions of sand in the shoes and the glitter of an ice crystal glimpsed just before it melts...masterful! Wonderful twists and turns!
My favorite part is that she shows the redeeming Love of God that has no bounds! To the lowest person at their lowest point. If they but ask HE can and will change their whole world! A wonderful, wonderful job telling that story!! One of the best I have ever read!!

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  1. I read your book review of Not This Time. Vicki is an author I have been considering. She sounds very fast paced.
    Bless your heart for being in Alaska. Sounds like you are making the most of it.
    I found you on Blogging for Books and after reading your reviews, I wanted to invite you to post some of your book reviews on More Than A Review. I recently started this review site to promote good, clean books. I don't mind you mentioning your blog at the bottom of your reviews. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me

    More Than a Review doesn’t stop at reviewing a book’s style or story. We give you the chance to share with fellow book lovers a warning about objectionable material, just the way you’d give a friend a heads-up.

    We’ve all been there … we heard that a book had a great plot, but there’s so much vulgarity or other offensive content that it’s hard to enjoy the book. Our site’s unique review system helps prevent that.
    Donna Feyen, Founder, More Than A Review.com