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Sunday, September 2, 2012

4 Stars for Perfect Lies

Perfect LiesPerfect Lies by Jennifer Crow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Have you ever picked a book that sounded great when you read the blurb and then when you got it there was a hesitation to acctually get started reading it? It doesn't happen real often, but sometimes when I get a book "in hand" and read the back and inside cover it is like I'm holding a hot coal in my hand and mentaly I want nothing to do with it. So I put it aside and try not to think about it.
But, I have found that it is most often those books that are going to have a big impact on my life! "Perfect Lies" is one of those books. I try to be honest and read all the books I get, in the order I get them, unless I get one that is on a real short deadline and just has to be read ASAP to meet a deadline. Otherwise I stack them adding each new book to the bottom of my pile and when the next book is at the top. That is the one I read. But I skipped this one twice and now I am sorry I did!! DON'T SKIP THIS BOOK!!!
In one way or another I have spent most of my life living my version of these same 9 lies! I am right now on year four of being bed ridden with more health issues than the Drs can keep a list of, I have had 13 surgeries, I have had cancer twice, more back, spine, nerve and muscle problems than you can shake a stick at. The last "pain specialist" they sent me to sent to ONE Dr. for my records and it took over a ream of paper to print them off of the fax machine!
So I felt like Jennifer was writing about me in a lot of ways. God has used this time down to teach me a lot of things and draw me so much closer to Him! Now when I am able to do something for Him, it really is 100% for Him. No doubts in my mind, because I'm at home, no one sees me or can thank me or even know I do it. So I am doing it for Him and I have the peace of knowing that it isn't a "look at what I did" or "I am serving God like my family" or any of the other lies that tortured me for so many years!
A very interesting book. Answered a lot of questions for me. I do not agree 100% with everything that she said, some of her imagery and use of certain verses were not in context to me and I had an issue with all the "translations" of the Bible she used. I don't understand why one, the Original, isn't good enough! But that is my personal opinion and does not change her writing, just my enjoyment of it.
I received this book from Tyndale Blog Network only for the purpose of my reading it to give my personal review of the contents whether good or bad. They have no say in my opinion of the book the thoughts expressed here are totally my own.

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