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Audrey Grant

Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm Back ~ Kind of!!

My daughter and I are back from our trip to TX. for my Sister's wedding! The plane trips there and back were very painful for my broken old body but it was well worth it! I did find I was more mobile (not a lot) in the heat and coming home to snow on the ground has put the ache back in my body in a very big way. I spent the first two days home in bed huddled up under covers shivering and aching head to toe. The strain of the travel, the rough flight (storms on the way home) and arriving in freezing weather at 2:30 am made my fibromyalgia flare in the worst of ways. My nerves and muscles are knotted and spasming like fire crackers. It has been a rough return to reality but was so worth it!
Bridal Shower Cake!!

A special moment before the "I Do's"

The Happy Bride!!
My Beautiful Mom (Dollie Noel) and two Sisters Sandra Lassiter and Myra Johnson
Three of my beautiful Aunts who drove down from KY for the Wedding.
Three of the cousins.
A kiss between the youngest niece (Flower girl Joy - 3 yrs) and Aunt Myra

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