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Audrey Grant

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


~ My Hall ~My son put wood crates up for my collection of old books from my Mamaw.This was the beginning of my love of books!

I have books that are due for review and I WANT to read them!! They are stacked by my bed in order of due date...the problem is I can't focus! The Dr. did a switch around on one of my pain medications for my hip, back & shoulder and I can't seem to concentrate for anything!! It is very frustrating. And now I am getting behind and I hate being late!! I'm and early bird normally. If I know something is due by a certain time...my NORMAL self jumps right on it and gets it done ASAP. Especially if it includes reading a book, hello!! That is what makes this (Non-paying) job so fun! What a dream come true! I used to imagine that the perfect job would be at a publishing house, reading, editing, proofing...anything, as long as it meant I got to read every day!
Now I have it, and I LOVE it, I just get frustrated when my medical problems cause me to let someone down or be late. This is the third time this has happened just in the short time since I started this blog. The second time I was in tears from embarrassment  frustration and discouragement. I even asked my family if they thought I should quit the Blog and reviews. But they ALL four encouraged me to keep doing it.
My husband tells me to do the best I can and keep posting because he can see a difference, like I am coming back to LIVING life by communicating with the wonderful friends, bloggers and authors who have written and talked to me. The encouragement from so many people has been a huge blessing.
After being stuck for so long at home with no outlet for my brain, creativity, etc. I was going crazy staring at walls and worse, had reached the point of self-pity. Even though I knew I shouldn't, I kept getting more and more down as the months went by.
Then a couple of bloggers that I met on another site encouraged me to try. They walked me through setting up the blog and how to get started! I can never thank you all enough!
This isn't a poor me post in the least. And I know it isn't a book review. But I felt like I needed to let everyone know that I am still here, still on the job (so to speak), I am just having a rough go of it with my health and it is effecting the Blog. So please don't abandon me or think I'm gone. I have some great ideas I want to add to the Blog and a few more thoughts. Mean time, I will post when I can and I will be having a few guest bloggers, authors, etc. posting once in a while to keep things interesting!


  1. You're doing a great thing here Audrey! Your blog uplifts others and gives you a sense of purpose. I love the crates made into bookshelves. Super idea!

    Don't beat yourself up... God will give you the time and ability to catch up with all of those books you want to read & review. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love how the books are displayed and that they're from your Mawmaw. Hugs sweet gal. :O)

  3. They are Grace Livingston Hill & Emily Loring. I have all but 3 of Emily Loring's and I've spent the last 25 years working on finishing off the two sets. I am down to about 12 or so of Grace Hill's left which isn't too bad considering I am trying to get the same style as the ones she gave me. There are new ones in print now but I want the set to match so it is hard to find the older paperbacks on some of the less common ones. She wrote over 150 books!!