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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Must Read!!!

The ReunionThe Reunion by Dan Walsh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok, I read this book on the 7th of this month but have had a real bad month with my health and so have been in bed unable to get to my computer. But this book was so good...no INCREDIBLE that I couldn't wait to write the review! As I was laying in bed after telling my husband the WHOLE book and making him cry also! (He doesn't read much because he's severely dyslexic and it takes him months to read a book.)Anyway,he finally fell asleep and I was laying there wishing I could get up and get to the computer and the review just started coming together in my mind. So I grabbed a paper and pen and wrote it down, thinking to post it the next day...15 days later here is what I wrote about this book!

I wanted to read this book the moment I first saw it. The picture drew me in and made me want to walk up to the trailer, feel the grass on my bare feet, go inside and look around. I could almost see what all the decor and layout looked like...I was fascinated! My sister called and she said she read it and I HAD to read it!! I tried to win it in 11 different contests online and couldn't win it!! Then I found it on e-book (Not as good as the real thing but will work!)
Dan is a master craftsman at his art of writing! I have 2 other of his book on my computer and I am going to read them ASAP!! He has jetted himself to the top of my favorites list! (And that is saying a LOT!!)

To me this book was like a beautiful spider's web that Dan was weaving before our very eyes! He took silken threads of memories from the past and wove them into feelings of the present. Threads wove from Vietnam all the way back to Texas. From The White House to a shed. From broken hearts and homes, to rejoicing and ALL praise given to God!
And when you reach the end it is like the sun coming up in the morning and shining on the web of Arthur's life, making what seemed like a tangled mess a thing of great woven strength and beauty with drops of dew shining like diamonds on each and every strand, for all the lives he had changed along the way!
My prayer is that at the end of my life someone can step back and look at my web for the SON like Arthur's.

A true masterpiece, I will read it over and over so I'm still going to find a "real" copy for my bedside self!! Without a doubt, the best book I read this year! (I read 205)

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