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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saving Hope ~ 4 Stars

Saving HopeSaving Hope by Margaret Daley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is very well written and I have book #2 sitting on my dresser ready to read. BUT I do feel like this book needs to come with a bit of a warning. While it is dealt with as carefully as possible there is some very serious subject matter in this book and I personally will be waiting a while before I allow my 13 yr old to read these books. There is just too much information and too much that would scare her in the area where we live.
Now some area's, girls at 13 might need a well written book like this from a Christian Lady to open their eyes and warn them...but I highly recommend parents read it first and decide on an individual basis.
This book deals with three (four really) sides of a major underage prostitution ring being run in TX.
One you have the parent/Texas Ranger who's daughter is the exact age the Ring is kidnapping. So he's trying to bust the bad guys but keep his daughter an innocent and it's not working so well for him.
Two you have the Rescue Center's Owner/Director that is trying to save these girls and somehow gets right in the middle of the mess the harder she tries to fix things the worse they get.
Three you have the few known bad guys who SOMEHOW keep getting by and slipping through every trap and is always one step ahead somehow.
Four you have the slime-ball who is backing the whole thing (silent partner) who was giving info to the bad guys.
I do love how Margaret takes time to develop each character not just two or three main ones! It makes for a far better book!

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