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Audrey Grant

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moby Dick

Moby-DickMoby-Dick by Herman Melville
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Adventure on the high-seas! Kind of...The first time I read this as a teen I was fascinated and at the same time horrified by this book that EVERY ONE called a CLASSIC!!
A few years later my family moved to Alaska. Things are different here in a lot of ways. Then I worked two summers at a fish cannery. THEN I married an Alaskan Fisherman who made his living by the tides and the currents, by the price per pound that season and how many fish they could find and catch before all the other crews got there.
I saw my husband tangled in a net and pulled overboard more than once. I've seen him gaffed while covered in fish slime and watched the bright red fish poisioning climbing his arm toward his heart while they, "Just let us finish this set, then I'll go to the hospital!"

What I'm saying is living the lifestyle (Did I mention my husbands Mom was Alaskan Native?) for 27 years in the Great Land where whales are still a big part of the very life blood of many of the villages and the culture. And respected for giving it's life to save the village...(they don't waste ANY of it!!)
Going back and reading it again gave me a whole new view into the thoughts and feelings and actions of everyone on that boat....Didn't change my mind of the right and wrong....but it helped me understand the WHY.

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