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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Snowy White World to Save

Snowy White World to SaveSnowy White World to Save by Stephanie Lisa Tara
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I live in Alaska. In fact I have lived in Alaska for most of my life. I have yet to see evidence of this "global warming" that everyone is so worked up over and now scaring children over. This year we have had one of the snowiest years in history. I find that hard to reconcile with global warming. Two of our last three summers have been cold and rainy to the point that we were barely able to even grow a spindly garden for lack of warmth and sunshine. It was so cold here this year that we had moose walking into our hospitals, sticking their heads in drive thru windows, walking on people's porches and roof's to eat the leaves off the trees.
To me this book is like the three little pigs...a fairy tale, only told as if it were proven fact to make people do what they are told and trained to do. In my humble opinion this is a political book written in the form of a children's book to brainwash the children into doing and believing what they are told to.
I do not want to be offensive but as a proud Alaskan this is the way I feel and I'm sorry I can't give a better review of the book. The writing style is lovely and poetic and the drawing is magnificent artistic work that does Alaska proud but the theme is too far off the charts for me. I am sorry that I couldn't like it.

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