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Audrey Grant

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Favorite Bridge

It doesn't even have a name, just a #. It's barely the length of two or two & 1/2 cars, it's one of many identical short concrete bridges on the main road headed out of Dyersburg, TN to the outskirts, Roellen.
I was 14, TERRIFIED of water, bridges, drowning...As an assistant Pastor's oldest girl I KNEW I WAS LOST AND ON MY WAY TO HELL!
I had made professions before, but my heart never changed. "I KNEW WITH MY HEAD BUT COULDN'T TRUST IN MY HEART."
It finally reached a point I couldn't sleep from fear, everyone who tried to deal with me, I could take THEM through the Roman's Rd.
I don't have the exact date but it was a HOT, night in June,1983, & it was FOGGY (it added to my panic).

But Got moved the head knowledge to my heart that drive. As always, I was right behind Dad, hugging his headrest trying to see out.

Six Bridges to cross on the way home from Revival. 
(I'm very near sighted even w/ glasses.)
“Thump, Bump“ On Bridge One, and my heart is pounding in my ears! "Thump, Bump" BREATHE!

Me: "How can you see where you are going Dad? Aren't you scared!?"
Dad: "Several things, the headlights on the white and yellow lines help guide me. The Road Signs tell me what the next bit of the road is like. I have driven this road many, many times so I already KNOW what to expect so I can drive safer."
"Thump,da,Bump" BRIDGE TWO! My stomach flip flops.. Waaait for it...Thumpa, da Bump"! SAFE!!

But my brain is spinning. 
I'm scared of Bridges and Fog. TRUE
I can't see well, Period. TRUE
 I CAN'T get myself home. TRUE
 I'm trusting {FAITH} my Dad....
"Thump, thump" ( Bridge three)
...to get me home safe! TRUE

He's HUMAN and I trust him with my life.
He was MADE by GOD, I was made by GOD; SO HE HAS TO LOVE ME 100%!  

And my Heart Opened Like a Flower In The Son!
"Thump, Bump"



  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

  2. Hi, I have a book, CLEARED FOR PLANTING (Christian historical fiction), coming out in November. How do I go about submitting it for your review? And how many followers does your blog have? Would you consider reading the word.doc manuscript ahead of time or would you prefer to read after the book is released? Either way, I'd prefer the review around the time of the release, but I thought you could read it more at your convenience and not feel pushed if you read it beforehand. I looked for another way to contact you, but didn't see one.
    Janice Cole Hopkins

    1. Dear Janice,
      That was very sweet of you! I would have if I had known. I have only had my tiny hand held ipod 4 to read and work on since I had my neck surgery almost 5 years ago. I HAD a computer...I just couldn't sit up (even in bed) enough to hold it to type. So I missed a lot! LIKE ALL MY COMMENTS!! I haven't hardly even touched my blogs. It has bothered me a lot and at times I almost quit them, but every time my husband always said, "NO! Keep them!" One day you will feel better. And they will be waiting for you.
      So I am terribly sorry that I didn't answer your question when you posted it. Please understand and forgive me.