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Audrey Grant

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Walk In The Woods ~ .5*

By Bill Bryson
I really looked forward to reading this book. I love hiking mountains (I have lived in Alaska for 30 years and LOVE hiking up here!) and long back packing trips. I have also read other books of people who have hiked the AT, so I was very excited to get it an get started.

This was my first time ever reading anything written by this Author. Sadly, it will also be my last.

I did not enjoy this book on three main levels. First and foremost for me was the way the author and his buddy treated other people. Especially women and people in small towns. They acted like they were ignorant, lower class citizens that they could mock, make fun of and even use as long as they got a good laugh out of it.

Second, this book was listed as a great fun read but he spent a large portion of the book writing as if it were a Science or a Social Studies Text Book! (This coming from a retired teacher!)Besides which, some of his "facts" are wrong. 

Third, and this is just personal preference here... there was absolutely no need for the vile, foul language. Ok, he and his friend are low class enough to actually talk like that and think that stuff is funny. But, a book that COULD have been recommended for teens and kids to educate them about an american treasure, I now have to protect my kids from. A real shame. 

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