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Audrey Grant

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Whither Thou Goest I Will Go ~ 5 *****

Naomi Dathan


4:00am I just now finished reading this book and wanted to write my review while it is still fresh in my heart and mind.

I looked at a few of this Author's other books and they weren't "Christian" in their labeling so I wasn't 100% sure what i would get.

While there were some things left unclear or unsettled for me, over all, they were nothing major that messed up the story.

I enjoyed reading a book for once that wasn't all about 
1. courtship/falling in love/ first love, 
 2. cheating/breakups/Divorce/
      new love vs. old love 
3. Someone else's baby makes 
     Three &= Love (AWE).

This was a look at a marriage during some of the most vivid, violent & tough years in the saga that is our Nation's  West Prairies' History.

It is well written and worth the price and the read. ($ .99 Amazon sale)

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