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Audrey Grant

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


By Kara Tippetts

A book to Absorb!

This book hits close to home in many ways for me! In a lot of the chapters, change a few details, and it could very well be me writing the words.

I am learning we each have our own battle, challenge, or hard places to walk in life. Just because one is noticeable and dramatic does not make it any more or less impacting on my life than yours is on you.
God uses whatever HE alone sees each heart needs.

"...some through the fire, some through the flood, some through the water but all through the Blood! Some through great sorrow but God gives a song, in the night season and all the day long."

This is not a book you read but one you absorb into your very being praying it becomes a part of who you are as a person, wife and mother.

My, very mistaken, early review of this book within the first couple of chapters was amazement at how closely her "story" mirrored mine. I soon had to eat my words mixed with bitter tears of repentance for my cocky self absorption! MY pitiful tale is nothing next to what She and her family live each and every day.

I am thankful I found this book. I will be getting a hard copy asap as well as each of her other two books.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Am Blessed!

This is not a book review, but a short update and share of yesterday. My health has gotten a bit worse in the last several months. My pain has increased to the point of tears again with the pain meds. The coming of cold weather, freezing rain and snow here in my beloved Alaska has not helped my nerves and joints either…

But despite that I have managed to go to Church about once every six weeks which is a huge improvement!! And have even managed to make to trips to the store to help my husband buy clothes for our ever growing children! He has done AMAZING for the last 5 years but shopping for a 13 1/2 yr old girl is a job SHE would rather not tackle with her Dad!

Anyway, that being said. Yesterday was one of the two days of shopping (not to fun with the heat out in the car, I looked like the Michelin Man with all my layers of wool on so I wouldn’t get chilled! It was funny!). So we ran up to Wal-Mart while the kids were in school with our list, I gimped onto the last motorized cart available in the store, and we divided and conquered ASAP.

I PROMISE I’M GETTING TO THE BLESSING! So as we met for the final pack of undershirts and pair of gloves in the guys section, I am leaning over the cart in pain ready to Be In Bed. So we cut straight through the ladies undies towards the check out and my cart actually BUMPS into a rack of Clearance HOUSECOATS AND GOWNS!!! My Hunny’s favorite color being yellow we grabbed a matching gown and housecoat set in yellow flowers for $9, My addiction being coffee we found a long tee gown with LA LATTE and coffee cups on it for $5!! I was tickled and we checked out and came home.

This morning laying here, I was thinking and I realized that God had given me a DESIRE OF MY HEART that I had not prayed about or even put into conscious thought! Less than a week ago I was changing and the thought just skipped through my head that my gowns and PJs were looking pretty worn and sad from being worn all day every day and being washed so much. Then I didn’t think of it again…But GOD did!

And today I get to throw out my two most worn out gowns and my 4X robe that is 14yrs old, very worn & too big (Since I have lost almost 100 lb in the last 5yrs.)! I know to most people this is a small and silly thing. But when you live your live in bed and that is all your Husband and Kids and even the rare visitor see you in…It probably shouldn’t but it matters and it starts affecting your spirit and your attitude. I just wanted to share my little Gift of Cheer that I was blessed with.

I will try to catch up on my book reviews SOON. We have not had good internet access for several months now and it takes me a loong time to type with my arm and shoulder being so much worse, but I haven’t stopped reading and reviewing! I have PAGES of notes on books I’ve read and am ready to post. My Sister visited and set up my computer with a program where I can now type my posts for my blog while off line and then when I get a chance to log on I can post! Thank You Myra!! This will hopefully make life easier for me.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Teach them to Love Reading Early!!

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." III John 1:4(KJV) 

 An Early Reader... 

 This site will be under some construction. Sorry if this is an inconvience to any of you!! I will try to make it as easy and painless as possible! I just want to add some more pages for different types of books for those with a variety of interests! So please bear with me since this is taking a long time with my health. If you have any ideas or thoughts you think might help please feel free to leave me a message here or send me an email at cabinfeverreading@yahoo.com Thank you!! Child at Heart

Mamaw with 4 of her 9 grand-daughters... 

I have been asked so many times recently "when did you first develop an interest in reading?" and "Who instilled that deep interest in you?" Both of these questions are kind of like asking me if I remember what my first jar of baby food was and who fed it to me! It just was!! As far back as I can remember reading was the NORM at our house. "Go clean your room" (We would end up in trouble because it got too quiet and so Mom knew we were reading instead of cleaning!) "Go play out side! You need fresh air and take TOYS to play with!" So you wrap your baby doll & a book in a blanket and go sit behind a tree and read, if you get caught..."Shh, my baby just went down for her nap!" I really don't know how my Mom got anything done with 4 kids who read as veraciously as we did and her having to proof read new authors to make sure they were O.K. for us to read. I can think of at least 1 library in TN. that we read just about every single book they had that was considered by our parents as approved reading. We didn't care what "Genre" it was....another book, "COOL"!

Now as a Mother I have spent the last 18 years trying to instill the same love, fascination and craving for literature and books into my three Children. So far I have 1 1/2 readers....the youngest is very good at it he is just too much his Father's son and would prefer a controller in his hands over a book!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Red Sea Rules ~ 5 Stars ~ A Pocket Treasure!!

The Red Sea RulesThe Red Sea Rules by Robert Morgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had this book a long time ago and it hit all the right notes for me! It was a real treasure I intended to keep forever, but God had other plans and so I gave it away and have missed it greatly in the last few years. So when I found it on sale I snapped it up.
SO glad I did! It's even better this time. It is more handy by being smaller and in a little hardback book that can tuck in my purse and go with me! I am loving the new one even more than the first one!
I can't say enough good things about this book!
It applies to EVERY christian at some point or another in their walk with Christ. God told us there would be trials and tribulations but that He would be there to lead us OUT!!
That is what this book is based on. The ten rules we can learn as Christians from the children of Israel being back against the water and the army of Egypt behind them.
God didn't bring them to the river...to DIE. He brought them there to show how mighty he was, how weak they were, the miracles He alone could preform, and that it was His Might and Strength that saved them. So no one could look back and call it a hoax.
He does the same thing in our lives. Sometimes when it looks unfix-able and helpless, that is when God steps in and does a mighty work so there can be no doubt that it was Him!!

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Monday, February 18, 2013


Holy Bible: King James VersionHoly Bible: King James Version by Anonymous
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THE BOOK of all time! It never matters how often or how many times I read it, the wonderfully miraculous thing about the Bible, God's Word, KJV 1611, is that I ALWAYS get and find something new and just for me each and every time I read it!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Raffle-copter time!! That's right! My first official book giveaway!! I am running a raffle-copter here on my blog to introduce everyone to my "Baby" Sister's new book blog, Sandra's Book Nook! It is so appropriately named since every since I can remember, she has taken every chance she can find to curl up in a corner of a chair, couch, floor...wherever she could find a "Nook" and would read! We are and always have been a reading family (there are 4 of us kids plus Dad & Mom) and we are passing the love of books down to the 14 (so far)grandchildren! So thank you VERY much for taking time to stop by my blog, take a look around, PLEASE any artistic hints and tips are very welcome! While you are here, click away on the raffle-copter, then hop on over to Sandra's blog and give her a howdy and help her make some new friends and while we are at it, lets see if you can win one of these three books I am giving away!! Audrey

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sandra's Book Nook

***ANNOUNCEMENT*** My sister, Sandra who guest posted on my blog a few months ago about Dee Henderson's newest book (because she got it before me!)was very a popular guest with my readers and "caught the Book Blog bug"! She has started her own Book Blog called "Sandra's Book Nook" and can be found at this link . Go check out her blog and give her some love! She is trying to get some followers and visitors so she can join some of the book networks to review for them! Just don't forget to Join or become a Follower here also because I can use all the help and support I can get! Aud