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Audrey Grant

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Card that Diane Estrella gave away with her interview that she did with me has been announced on Diane's site! http://dianeestrella.com/interview-and-10-amazon-gc-giveaway-with-audrey-grant/#idc-cover And the winner is Alissa S.!! Congratulations to Alissa and thank you to all of you who took time to read the interview and stop by and check out my blog! It meant a lot to me!
And and extra big thank you to those of you who JOINED my blog also!! I have almost made it to 40 followers!! WOW!
Things are very busy around here. The kids and I just started school back up this week so we are in the full swing of homeschooling grades 5, 7 and 12!! I am trying to write my second piece of actual "writing" ever, but this one is hard going. It is by special request, and is about the abuse I went through as a girl and is very difficult to write about. So I could use lots of prayer on that project.
To top all of that off I feel the need to make some major changes in the blog/website but am stuck so am trying to learn how to as I go along. And to top it all of in the middle of it all I am dealing with my health and trying to build up and get ready for a trip to TX in Oct. for my Sister's wedding. So things are busy, busy, busy!!
PLUS I am trying to keep up with my reading for reviews!! (That is the FUN part!!) So now you all know where I am at as far as schedule and how I am staying busy! Once again, Congrats to Alissa! Have fun spending your gift card at Amazon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Child at Heart

I have been asked so many times in the last two weeks "when did you first develop an interest in reading?" and "Who instilled that deep interest in you?"
Both of these questions are kind of like asking me if I remember what my first jar of baby food was and who fed it to me! It just was!!
As far back as I can remember reading has been the NORM at our house. "Go clean your room" (We would end up in trouble because it got too quiet and so Mom knew we were reading instead of cleaning!) "Go play out side! You need fresh air and take TOYS to play with!" So you wrap your baby doll & a book in a blanket and go sit behind a tree and read, if you get caught..."Shh, my baby just went down for her nap!"
I really don't know how my Mom got anything done with 4 kids who read as veraciously as we did and her having to proof read new authors to make sure they were ok for us to read. I know of at least 1 library that we read all the books they had that were considered by our parents as acceptable for us to read!! That is a lot of books.
So I have had a love for good children's books. Books that catch the imagination. Teach without lying or boring the children to death! And as a School teacher for 9 yrs in a Private Christian School, A Child Caregiver in Day Care and Preschool facilities, A Mother of 3,  and Aunt to 27 (so far) nieces and nephews, I have a bit of experience to draw from so I think this would be the next logical page to start.
I have a running list of my favorite Children's books. I think for now I will compile that list with Authors and leave it up for a while and if anyone wants to send me a new one to try or suggest a new one to add to the ongoing list that would be great!
I would like to try this page more open forum so everyone can ask questions about and make comments about the books. Lets see what happens! Right now it is 2:30am so I am going to bed and will try to compile a list later today! If any of you want to start adding books or Authors for consideration...go right ahead! Just cause I'm on Alaska time doesn't mean you all have to wait for me!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Escape Hezbollah ~ 4 Stars

Escape the HezbollahEscape the Hezbollah by Pola Muzyka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this book to be gripping and mesmerizing! Once I started it I couldn't put it down! I felt Empathy, Pain, and Sorrow for Joseph, his Mother, Azita and later even surprised myself by feeling it for his Baba'!!
This was a family that didn't have much of a chance from the moment the parents married. 2 Corinthians 6:14 "Be ye not unequally yoked together..." How can you take a Jew and an Iranian who's very blood, kinsmen, countries have been fighting for generations upon generations and both of them believe in two different religions and God's, then pluck them out of a neutral country and put them in the middle of one or the other's country and expect it to work??
Add an almost teen boy to the mix and "BAM"! You have trouble! Before you even get to the part of the Hezbollah army and girlfriends getting involved!
I think Pola did a world class job on this book! This is subject matter that I don't know if I would be able to touch with a 10 ft pole and she not only wrote it, she wrote it in such a way, I finished it last night and have spent the whole day thinking of the book!!
Thank you Pola for a wonderful book that my 17yr old son is just starting to read and that is staying on our shelf!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Love Triangle ~ 3 Stars

Love Triangle: Three Sides To The StoryLove Triangle: Three Sides To The Story by Brenda A Barrett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Upfront, I got this as an e-book from Amazon, listed as a Christian fiction. I knew I was taking a risk with an unknown author and the subject matter. I was very surprised considering my history, to find that I found myself drawn to most of this book. It was a very new way of telling a story by having each chapter be told from a different Character's point of view as you work through the story. So you are seeing and hearing all three sides of the "triangle" and what they are thinking and feeling and going through.
This was unique. There were some unnecessary cuss words in it that added NOTHING at all to the story. Not because I don't like cussing, but because there were only 3 or 4 in the whole book and they were tacked on at the end of a sentence like an afterthought. Almost as if the Author had to work at putting them in. They stood out like a sore thumb.
There isn't a lot I can tell you about my opinion of each character's actions without giving away the book. But here is the best I can do. The wife's shock, anger, fear, and insecurities are so well written, trust me, true in every sense of every word! Even the extreme turnaround, as a Christian wife...also a true to life reaction.
Husband, this one is hard for me. I would like to think that a man in that situation FIRST wouldn't, but if he did, would respond in this way. But from what I have seen of the world, usually this is not the case.
Other woman...what can I say? She is the other woman and true to form.

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Not This Time ~ 4 Stars

Not This TimeNot This Time by Vicki Hinze
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

WHEW!! I need to take a huge breath after that book!! I know it is sometimes hard to jump into the middle (or end, in this case) of a series and figure everything and everyone out, connect all the dots...but WOW!! There were so very many people and agencies involved in this book I still didn't have them all figured out by the wrap up letter at the end of the book!!
Plus, what are the human odds that you are going to have the same "terrorist type cell" that are all american and all but a couple from the same VILLAGE living in the same village that is full of FBI agents, Undercover Shadow Agents, two computer geniuses who have some of the highest security clearance in the World??? And this is the third time they have all worked together to take this cell down and it keeps growing in among them and they don't know? But they are the best and brightest in our country??
I found it frustrating. If it was a huge city like New York or Chicago, etc. MAYBE, in hundreds of thousands of people, but in a VILLAGE?? Not likely.
That is why I gave this book a 4. As far as writing and getting into the main character's mind and feelings, Vicki did a masterful job! Some of her descriptions of sand in the shoes and the glitter of an ice crystal glimpsed just before it melts...masterful! Wonderful twists and turns!
My favorite part is that she shows the redeeming Love of God that has no bounds! To the lowest person at their lowest point. If they but ask HE can and will change their whole world! A wonderful, wonderful job telling that story!! One of the best I have ever read!!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Hard Cover Feedback Giveaway!!

Check out this great giveaway by Megan @ http://hardcoverfeedback.blogspot.com/2012/08/julie-lessman-interview-and-giveaway.html I met Megan first on Goodreads and then checked out her Blog and found a kindred spirit when it came to our love of books and talking and telling others about them! So when I felt like I needed to start this blog Megan was one of the people I turned to and started asking questions and picking her brain. She gave selflessly above and beyond what she had to and I benefited greatly from it! Go check out her site and her wonderful giveaways, and get to know a great woman!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

House of Mercy ~ 3 Stars

House of MercyHouse of Mercy by Erin Healy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A good book but the mystical wolf being God talking to her and all of her super healing powers.... Just not my thing.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My First Interview!! With $10 Amazon Card Giveaway!

Wow! My first ever interview! Diane Estrella has a wonderful blog and has been a great friend that found me first on Goodreads. Then we kept bumping into each other on the internet on book reviews and I kept asking her 100's of questions about her wonderful blog and how to get started in this world of "Blogging for Books". And she has always been so helpful and gracious and giving! She never gets impatient with my slow learning or with all the questions I keep asking...and she gives me tips and information I would never have thought of! Without her this blog would not be where it is today! Then she said she wanted to interview me and my first thought was "WHY??" But I had told God that whatever he put in front of me and was asked of me, I would do to the best of my ability, so I said yes...and so here it is!! Thank you Diane! http://dianeestrella.com/interview-and-10-amazon-gc-giveaway-with-audrey-grant/

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Full Disclosure ~ 4 Stars

Full DisclosureFull Disclosure by Dee Henderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got my long awaited ARC! I just finished it. And while there were two things I had trouble with, the pluses far outweighed the minuses for me.
For those of you who read my book blog at http://cabinfeverreading.blogspot.com/ you know that a week or so ago I had my sister Mrs. Sandra Lassiter do a guest blog on this book because she got her book before me and I wanted to get a review out asap. Plus I though it would be nice to have more than one opinion on the book. Because while we usually like the same books, we are often different in the way we look at some of the details of the books. Plus, she is the one who introduced me to Dee Henderson's Books!!
There really is no way, that I can figure out, to give this review and my reasons for liking and not liking certain issues other than to talk about them. So here goes...
Unlike my sister I actually like the blending of the former books into this one. Dee is one of the Authors that I ALWAYS hate to reach the end of the book and even more so, the end of the series, because I grow so very attached to the characters. So I loved seeing them all come back into this bock and be interconnected and intertwined.
I LOVE the main male character Paul he is open and honest about what he is thinking and feeling with Ann from the very beginning. It is rare to find this kind of honesty and generosity in a who is willing to give of himself upfront.
I did find it very odd that a man who is such a strong christian doesn't ask up front when he is talking to all of her friends (which by the way is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard of!)if she is a Christian.
But the reason I felt I had to give this a 4 instead of a 5 was Ann. I know she is dealing with some MAJOR Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is a loner who is afraid of loosing people. But, she is very selfish, demanding and un-giving in her side of the "relationship". He does all the work while she wants to be free to come and go as she pleases.
I have had some pretty traumatic past issues to deal with and handle in my own life and I also need some alone time once in a while, but for her to lay down conditions for their marriage that she get 4hrs of uninterrupted alone time every day, a whole week to her self where he isn't allowed to call or see her and he's not even allowed to discuss the option in the future of adopting kids....he has to be the one to give on everything. She gets all the demands and he has to deal with it or do with out her. That is so very selfish!! It made me go from feeling a kinship with her and feeling pity and sorry for her to feeling angry with her.
I waited till the last page for her to wake up to how wrong she was, instead...she decides it is the perfect life!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Hunger Season ~ 4 Stars

The Last Hunger Season: A Year in an African Farm Community on the Brink of ChangeThe Last Hunger Season: A Year in an African Farm Community on the Brink of Change by Roger Thurow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is very hard for me to read. Not because it is in any way bad. But the sheer guilt I feel to know how VERY blessed I am by God every single day as an American!
I so often get wrapped up in MY problems, MY pain, MY health, MY bills, MY,MY,MY...that I forget that though the car breaks down, we still have one! Though my husband doesn't have a wonderful or full time job... He has one!! Though we don't eat out or fancy we DO HAVE food!! And though I'm bed ridden and can't work right now, my family takes great care of me, and my children (even the one with dyslexia) are all getting prime educations!
I still have a good portion of the book to read but the impact, thankfulness & guilt made me pause, talk to my husband, thank God for His blessings and soak it all in for a bit...,

Ok, I'm back! I finished it last night. What an uplifting book of hard work, giving, sacrifice, and love for the people of Kenya!! What a dismal failure for Obama's administration! Once again, promises unfulfilled. Are any of us surprised?
But for the Men and Women who worked tirelessly and gave of themselves, even when sick...even to the point of almost starving & dying. That is Heroism in it's ultimate form!!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

3-Minute Difference ~ 2 Stars

The 3-Minute Difference: Alter Your Health, Money and Relationships Without Changing Who You AreThe 3-Minute Difference: Alter Your Health, Money and Relationships Without Changing Who You Are by Wayne Nance
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was sent to me by B&B Media for me to read and give my honest review.
I have been reading " self help" books for years. I own at least 70 between health, marriage and weight/diet/exercise. So I am well read on the subject. While Mr. Nance has some valid points and good information in the last part of the book, the first 100 or so pages were very confusing and almost torture to get through.
Plus having to go online for a test score then wanting me to buy the "complete" results. If I had paid for the book then been sent online to pay for my test results, while the Author spends most of the book talking about how everyone from Drs to Preachers counseling couples have a hidden agenda..sorry, NO thank you! He's doing the same thing!
I say this one is a skip and save your time and money.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Stars for Home Front!!

Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front (Battlefields & Blessings)Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front by Jocelyn Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I won this book in a drawing from one of the Authors (Karen Whiting)on The Book Club Network. The Copy I received has the other cover on it but they read the same!
I am in love with this book! In fact I was in love with this book BEFORE my 17yr old son announced his interest in joining the Rangers after he graduates this year!! Now I am soaking it up like a sponge!!
I asked Karen if she wanted me to give a review now of my opinion of what I have read or wait till I have finished. Normally I would devour this book, but it is set up where it can also be used as a daily devotional and with my son talking non stop about the military I put the brakes on and started reading it as a devotional to help prepare my heart and my responses to be the right kind. So I won't finish it till the end of Dec.
But what I have read is an amazing compilation of American History, Bravery of not only our fighting men but the families who carried on with out them!
This book starts with the very first war the USA ever fought and goes through every war and conflict since all the way up to today! It is a true work of heart! I highly recommend it to everyone and I think every family in America should have one on their shelf!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whispered ~ 4 Stars

Whispered to the HeartWhispered to the Heart by Terry Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really good book. The book part kept me up reading till 4am and I finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion with only a few pages left! To be perfectly honest I would have liked the book much better without the long "Hans" story breaking in and taking up pages and pages. I know it was the boy (and the Author's way of showing it) of escaping from reality and yet trying to explain and make sense of what was going on around him. Kind of a "Wish I had though to say such and such..." but it just seemed to go on and on and cut in so often that I wanted to skip it and move on to the meat of the book.
This was one of those brain twisters of is this his story? Is it fiction? Is it 1/2 and 1/2? That leaves you feeling like you read a biography but the names were changed to "protect the innocent".
Over all I give this book a hearty thumbs up. It shows the struggle and doubt of a 10 yr old boy who wants to believe in God and wants security in his life.
He thinks he is testing God but he is in his fear and confusion truly seeking God and wants a Father. He doesn't understand what all is going on around him even though he is observant and can sense the undercurrents of things happening with the adults. So he just keeps waiting, searching and praying.
And as He always does...God answers in His time and in His way.

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