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Audrey Grant

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two Days Left In Book Drawing!!

There are only two days left to sign up for the three books I am giving away as an advertisement of my Sister's new Book Blog "SandrasBookNook". Stop by and join my blog and Sandra's Blog and get points and in two days we will see who are the winners of the three books! The books are listed at the top of the Raffle-copter! Hurry and drop by, time is running out! Audrey

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Raffle-copter time!! That's right! My first official book giveaway!! I am running a raffle-copter here on my blog to introduce everyone to my "Baby" Sister's new book blog, Sandra's Book Nook! It is so appropriately named since every since I can remember, she has taken every chance she can find to curl up in a corner of a chair, couch, floor...wherever she could find a "Nook" and would read! We are and always have been a reading family (there are 4 of us kids plus Dad & Mom) and we are passing the love of books down to the 14 (so far)grandchildren! So thank you VERY much for taking time to stop by my blog, take a look around, PLEASE any artistic hints and tips are very welcome! While you are here, click away on the raffle-copter, then hop on over to Sandra's blog and give her a howdy and help her make some new friends and while we are at it, lets see if you can win one of these three books I am giving away!! Audrey

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Must Read!!!

The ReunionThe Reunion by Dan Walsh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok, I read this book on the 7th of this month but have had a real bad month with my health and so have been in bed unable to get to my computer. But this book was so good...no INCREDIBLE that I couldn't wait to write the review! As I was laying in bed after telling my husband the WHOLE book and making him cry also! (He doesn't read much because he's severely dyslexic and it takes him months to read a book.)Anyway,he finally fell asleep and I was laying there wishing I could get up and get to the computer and the review just started coming together in my mind. So I grabbed a paper and pen and wrote it down, thinking to post it the next day...15 days later here is what I wrote about this book!

I wanted to read this book the moment I first saw it. The picture drew me in and made me want to walk up to the trailer, feel the grass on my bare feet, go inside and look around. I could almost see what all the decor and layout looked like...I was fascinated! My sister called and she said she read it and I HAD to read it!! I tried to win it in 11 different contests online and couldn't win it!! Then I found it on e-book (Not as good as the real thing but will work!)
Dan is a master craftsman at his art of writing! I have 2 other of his book on my computer and I am going to read them ASAP!! He has jetted himself to the top of my favorites list! (And that is saying a LOT!!)

To me this book was like a beautiful spider's web that Dan was weaving before our very eyes! He took silken threads of memories from the past and wove them into feelings of the present. Threads wove from Vietnam all the way back to Texas. From The White House to a shed. From broken hearts and homes, to rejoicing and ALL praise given to God!
And when you reach the end it is like the sun coming up in the morning and shining on the web of Arthur's life, making what seemed like a tangled mess a thing of great woven strength and beauty with drops of dew shining like diamonds on each and every strand, for all the lives he had changed along the way!
My prayer is that at the end of my life someone can step back and look at my web for the SON like Arthur's.

A true masterpiece, I will read it over and over so I'm still going to find a "real" copy for my bedside self!! Without a doubt, the best book I read this year! (I read 205)

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Long Trail Home ~ 4 Stars

Long Trail HomeLong Trail Home by Vickie McDonough
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My daughter (12) and I are loving this series! Even though we are reading them all out of order so it is taking some figuring out, but I get them when and where I can.
This book stood strong right along with the others. It has a troubled hero running from God and a confused, beautiful, young woman who bowls him over and helps bring him back to God even though she was the one searching.
I gave this book only 4 stars because I found it too big of a stretch that a girl could fool a whole town AND the man she's falling in love with, into believing that she's blind for so many years. If she wore dark glasses...maybe. But she would look right at things, even his eyes once in a while and with a school full of blind kids he couldn't tell the difference?
Other than that...4 thumbs up!!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Book Giveaway!!!

Merry ALMOST Christmas!! Sorry I have not posted a lot in the last couple of weeks. The below freezing temperatures have been giving me some real trouble with my muscles and nerves. I get cold and start hurting and can't seem to get the vicious cycle to end. When you are sleeping in wool socks, wool scarf, wool hat and sweater under a pile of blankets to try and stay warm and the rest of the family is just fine in a long sleeved shirt, you know your nerves are messed up! But that isn't what I am on here to talk about tonight! My sister, Mrs. Sandra Lassiter, who did a guest post for me a while back has now started her own Book Blog (I was having too much fun and talked her into it!!) So I am going to have a book giveaway to promote her new Book Blog "Sandra's Book Nook"! I am finding out the "How to's" on running a raffle-copter and will try to get it up and running asap with the information on the Book (or Books??) that will be given away! Come one come all! Check out both our blogs (we are sisters and read a lot of the same books but often have a different way of looking at it and describing it!!), join our sites for updates, reviews and ratings on books "Old" and new! Some are so new they are sent out for review before they even are available for sale!! A great way to check out a book ahead of time!

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Incredible Boy ~ 4 Stars

The Incredible BoyThe Incredible Boy by Brittany Nicole Sanford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I won this book on good reads. It has beautiful illustrations! The art work is a marvel of color, action and expressions!! As a Childcare giver for many years and a Mother of three, this is a beautiful book.
I didn't give it a five star because she had the boy old enough to tell the story admitt when he was disobeying and got not punishment.
Other than that... Loved it!!
Thank You for the book!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Return to Sunday Dinner ~ 5 Stars

Return to Sunday Dinner: The Simple Delight of Family, Friends, and FoodReturn to Sunday Dinner: The Simple Delight of Family, Friends, and Food by Russell Cronkhite
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm in love!! I got this e-book to review and I took a walk down memory lane! I want this book for my collection! If you were to come to my house and look in my (4 drawer)
recipe box you would find many of these recipe's in well used condition!
The plus and wonderful thing about this book is that it not only has the wonderful recipes and gorgeous pictures but that it reads like a book! He talks to you as you go through the book, explaining why you should or shouldn't do things in the recipe's too make them better.
He tells you stories about what some of the dishes mean to him and why. Russell is a very good Cookbook Author as well as Chef. I will be teaching some more of these recipe's to my children and looking forward to getting on my feet and back in the kitchen to use them my self!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sandra's Book Nook

***ANNOUNCEMENT*** My sister, Sandra who guest posted on my blog a few months ago about Dee Henderson's newest book (because she got it before me!)was very a popular guest with my readers and "caught the Book Blog bug"! She has started her own Book Blog called "Sandra's Book Nook" and can be found at this link . Go check out her blog and give her some love! She is trying to get some followers and visitors so she can join some of the book networks to review for them! Just don't forget to Join or become a Follower here also because I can use all the help and support I can get! Aud

You Be Sweet ~ 5 Sweet Stars!!!

You Be Sweet: Sharing Your Heart One Down-Home Dessert at a TimeYou Be Sweet: Sharing Your Heart One Down-Home Dessert at a Time by Patsy Caldwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My oh, my!! Like taking a walk back through my Southern childhood! There were recipes in this book that I have hunted for the "real" recipe for years and they just weren't right...but in reading these recipes, little things clicked like hearing my Granny say that "such in such is what made it have that something special" or hearing the ladies at a Church "Dinner on the Ground" discussing recipes and one of them saying "You would never guess that it had VINEGAR in it!".
These are where I got my love for cooking, recipes and collecting cookbooks...At my Mother's, Granny's and Mammaw's side watching and listening to them and my Aunts talking and cooking. I have greatly missed cooking in the last four years of being bed ridden but I still love to sit and read recipe Books and have taught my kids to cook from my recliner and bed!
This book is a MUST HAVE for my collection! I will be on the hunt for this book! These will fast become family favorites in our home! I am so glad I got to read and review it! If you are going to get a dessert recipe book...I highly recommend this one!

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Perfect 5 for Perfect Gift!

Every Perfect GiftEvery Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a good book that covers a hard time in history for the "women's movement". This it when it was just starting (often as a necessity)......but when women knew how to work hard and still be a gracious lady at the same time.
I love how Dorthy blends the desire to find love, serve God, look her best with a desire to fulfill her dream of writing! Very well written on the struggles of this type of life with both thee main character and her best friend who set out to build an infirmary in town!
Well written, Exciting, and great dialogue, I love the bits of mystery and the conversations were well thought out and written well!
I also love the descriptions of the clothes and the picture of the town!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Book Club Network Magazine - WINNER!!

That's right!! I can finally shout it from the roof tops...I was picked as one of the winners in the big book give away for the magazine launch!! I WON 10 BOOKS!!! EEEK!! I am so excited! And I have already started getting some of them in the mail straight from the Authors themselves! SIGNED! Often with a bookmark or personal note or (Score) both, in with the book! When I saw that wonderful list of books, like every good booklover I had to pick my chin up off my computer, wipe my drool, blink the stars out of my eyes and the dreams from my head! BUT...just in case, I sat down and made a list of my top 30 picks figuring if I did get picked for SOMETHING down the line I would at least be able to go to the list and mark off what was gone and what was left would be my choice, if anything. Of the 10 books 9 were on my list and my #1 book was still there!! So I was very blessed in a big book way and just wanted to share my joy! I hope all the other winners are as happy and excited as I am!! Aud

"Informed Consent" gets 5 Stars!

Informed Consent: A NovelInformed Consent: A Novel by Sandra Glahn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was quite interesting to me! Lots of side factors going on that keep you guessing if you are catching on to all that you need to. Very cleverly written.
I hated that they never told what happened to Ravi....to me that was a very important part of the story. Why did both of them blame HIM so very much?!?! Was it in there and I somehow missed it? I watched for it, but never could figure it out. It bugged me that that trail was left cold and unfollowed.
Other than that if you like a good medical mystery with plenty of lab and techie stuff you will love this book!!

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