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Audrey Grant

Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Just You And Me, Lord by Marion Stroud ~ 4****

While this book was stuffed full of yummy goodness, to me it was hard to read.
There didn't seem to be breaks for thinking or explanation, soaking in, savoring.
It was a non- stop flood of overwhelming richness.
Like a diet of all sugar.  So very many quotes! I kept wanting her to just write her heart ABOUT the quotes and what they meant to her, how they helped, something.
I felt a bit like I was drowning in goodness w/ out a lifeline of direction from the director.

FREE E-Book!

Today & Tomorrow, 

River of Fire by Darrell Case

Is FREE on Amazon kindle ebooks!
While I have not read this one yet, I feel safe in recommending you all download it and give it a try!

Mr. Case is a varied and interesting Author who always manages to surprise me, tug my heart, testify and teach of Christian life.

He has become a friend I trust while reviewing his books and that is a rare quality in todays world of Celebrity Authors.

Friday, March 13, 2015

America's Best Barbecue (Revised Edition)

Oh My Southern Taste Buds!

You may take the girl out of the south, and she may fall in love with her Alaskan home of 30 years but her heart and her taste buds will always have a Southern Drawl and a Spicy Kick.
This Cook Book in no way disappointed this down home cook. I have collected cookbooks for over 25 years. I have read many a BBQ books in that time but nothing as comprehensive as this!
This is on my wish list already! It will replace several on my shelves in just this one book.
This lovely book covers, meats, sauces, rubs, sides, extremes and even traditional deserts! 
I knew I had the real deal when the only cornbread had no flour and no sugar! Then my heart sang when they had banana pudding made with real custard, not Jell-o pudding! And finally I knew I had struck gold when I came upon fried pies... So they are peach and my Grandmother's used dried apples... At this point I could not squabble over a fruit choice.
I say 100% Success!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


By Kara Tippetts

A book to Absorb!

This book hits close to home in many ways for me! In a lot of the chapters, change a few details, and it could very well be me writing the words.

I am learning we each have our own battle, challenge, or hard places to walk in life. Just because one is noticeable and dramatic does not make it any more or less impacting on my life than yours is on you.
God uses whatever HE alone sees each heart needs.

"...some through the fire, some through the flood, some through the water but all through the Blood! Some through great sorrow but God gives a song, in the night season and all the day long."

This is not a book you read but one you absorb into your very being praying it becomes a part of who you are as a person, wife and mother.

My, very mistaken, early review of this book within the first couple of chapters was amazement at how closely her "story" mirrored mine. I soon had to eat my words mixed with bitter tears of repentance for my cocky self absorption! MY pitiful tale is nothing next to what She and her family live each and every day.

I am thankful I found this book. I will be getting a hard copy asap as well as each of her other two books.