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Audrey Grant

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Free Dan Walsh Book on Amazon!

From one of my favorite Authors, Dan Walsh, (that are still Alive😉) This is his newest book. I have read it and enjoyed it. 
There is one before it that can be bought on sale, ($4), also but this one stands well on it's own if you don't wish to make a purchase from an unknown.

This is a Mystery but he writes an eclectic genre of books that is usually very real. He has a real talent for writing books as a tool to witness & disciple.

There are currently one or two other of his books that are on the free list on Amazon as an introduction to his writing? 
(Great idea and great for us!)

If you ever see or find "The Reunion" by Dan Walsh, GRAB IT!! It is a wonderful book. And to date my favorite that he has written. 
In fact that was our "Graduation" gift to the Seniors this yr with a Journal! (Black for Guys and Red for Girls) I'm hoping for a sale soon to restock my supply because I have started giving them out so often I will only have one left after this week as one is going in a wedding gift basket for a Honeymoon Cruise for two avid readers!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Dead Man's Rule" ~ Rick Acker ~ 5 *****

Another great book by Rick! This is two I have read to review in the last two weeks! Again we see what this author is so good at, weaving a courtroom drama in with a twisting mystery that has men from exotic lands trying to wreak havoc in & on our people and land but there are always those who will work till they dig out the tiny little lies, mistakes or overlooked little tidbit that gets to the truth. And such is the case with the lawyer and his private detective in "Dead Man's Rule"! Every time it seemed all was lost... bam! He would see something he hadn't noticed or remember something because of the way a witness tagged a little something on the end of their statement. Honestly, it was kind of like a modern day Perry Mason, but so Not at the same time!! Now from me that is a huge compliment! Because I cut my Mystery "teeth" on Perry Mason Books over 35 years ago! I'm not saying it read like a PM, (cause it doesn't) It just gave me the same thrill! And then there was the way he wrapped it up... Now that was like no one else in the world. If Rick keeps writing, I'll keep reading, reviewing, and being Happy, Happy, Happy! I was given this ebook by Net Galley to read and review. I have given my honest opinion. All thoughts and comments are my own.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Whither Thou Goest I Will Go ~ 5 *****

Naomi Dathan


4:00am I just now finished reading this book and wanted to write my review while it is still fresh in my heart and mind.

I looked at a few of this Author's other books and they weren't "Christian" in their labeling so I wasn't 100% sure what i would get.

While there were some things left unclear or unsettled for me, over all, they were nothing major that messed up the story.

I enjoyed reading a book for once that wasn't all about 
1. courtship/falling in love/ first love, 
 2. cheating/breakups/Divorce/
      new love vs. old love 
3. Someone else's baby makes 
     Three &= Love (AWE).

This was a look at a marriage during some of the most vivid, violent & tough years in the saga that is our Nation's  West Prairies' History.

It is well written and worth the price and the read. ($ .99 Amazon sale)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Walk In The Woods ~ .5*

By Bill Bryson
I really looked forward to reading this book. I love hiking mountains (I have lived in Alaska for 30 years and LOVE hiking up here!) and long back packing trips. I have also read other books of people who have hiked the AT, so I was very excited to get it an get started.

This was my first time ever reading anything written by this Author. Sadly, it will also be my last.

I did not enjoy this book on three main levels. First and foremost for me was the way the author and his buddy treated other people. Especially women and people in small towns. They acted like they were ignorant, lower class citizens that they could mock, make fun of and even use as long as they got a good laugh out of it.

Second, this book was listed as a great fun read but he spent a large portion of the book writing as if it were a Science or a Social Studies Text Book! (This coming from a retired teacher!)Besides which, some of his "facts" are wrong. 

Third, and this is just personal preference here... there was absolutely no need for the vile, foul language. Ok, he and his friend are low class enough to actually talk like that and think that stuff is funny. But, a book that COULD have been recommended for teens and kids to educate them about an american treasure, I now have to protect my kids from. A real shame. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


This book "WHILE MY SOLDIER SERVES" is a treasure to be savored! It was hard for me to gulp it all down at once just so I could review it. NOW I get to go back and take my time, soaking in all the best bits into my very fibers of who I am to help (I hope and PRAY) make me a better Mother to My Soldier who has almost three more years left, IF he isn't led by God to re-up! 
Thank you, very much, for this book as it came at the very lowest point I have ever had as a Military Mom, I was struggling and you helped me regain my perspective!

I was offered this book to read on the condition of reading and giving a review of my honest opinion, I have done that here. I have received nothing other than the pleasure of reading this book.
***I reviewed this book for/on Net Galley.

Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Just You And Me, Lord by Marion Stroud ~ 4****

While this book was stuffed full of yummy goodness, to me it was hard to read.
There didn't seem to be breaks for thinking or explanation, soaking in, savoring.
It was a non- stop flood of overwhelming richness.
Like a diet of all sugar.  So very many quotes! I kept wanting her to just write her heart ABOUT the quotes and what they meant to her, how they helped, something.
I felt a bit like I was drowning in goodness w/ out a lifeline of direction from the director.