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Audrey Grant

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today I am thankful for forgiveness. God's forgiveness is unending and that is a priceless treasure! Today I realized that I had to show God's forgiveness through me towards someone who had wronged, hurt and devastated me through hurting those I love. I thought I could just move on and "Let it go" because the ones who were hurt had forgiven but I realized I had allowed myself to become bitter and hate filled toward this person myself while expecting the others to do right. (Humans are weird aren't we? We can far easier forgive a wrong to us than to someone we love!) So I had to pray, set aside my pride and simply tell this person. "I forgive you." Not if you admit you did wrong, not if you are sorry, not anything from them...for me and my relationship with God, Just like He forgave me when I was unworthy... I forgave. I never heard a word from this person by my heart is light and my mind is free between my Savior and me! Thank God for Forgiveness!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Road To Mercy - 5 Stars

The Road to MercyThe Road to Mercy by Kathy Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I won this book in a contest on The Book Club Network advertising the new release of their Magazine! I didn't know what to expect going into this book but I was wonderfully and pleasantly impressed with this one.
This book basically follows a couple and the people around them. I found it extra interesting because one of my friends is married to a professorial Christian Singer with a group and she also sings plays, sings and teaches. It gave me a lot more insight into the life of weeks and weeks apart in that type of lifestyle. It answered some questions??? about the "Performance" vs the "Ministry" part of Professional Christian Music for me and helped me a lot!
The troubled pregnancy was something I could relate to VERY well as all three of mine were very high risk and I almost lost all three of them and almost died myself getting through the last two pregnancies and getting to where I could have the baby.
And while I did not have the issue of guilt from a past abortion to deal with I have other things sexual abuse and rape when I was young, an abusive first marriage and believing a lot of wrong things about myself because of what others had said and done to me, to deal with.
I love that she used the technical information when it came to medical things. (although she does seem to have a bit of a thing for describing the carpet and flooring of every place everyone goes! :~) ) I still loved it!
I LOVE the hidden story from the beginning that is woven through the book and then revealed at the end!! BRILLIANT!! A true stroke of genius! I am a Kathy Harris Fan, put me on the list!

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5 Stars for "Night Flight"

Night FlightNight Flight by Diane Munson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Each one of their books just keeps getting better and better! I'm not even reading them in order because I just finished this one and won the one that comes before it but they each stand alone also!
By looking at this cover I went into it wondering if it was going to be more a KID book and not catch me up in it the way their books normally do.
Here's the cool thing. It is and it isn't! My 12yr old daughter with severe dyslexia is LOVING it even though it is slow going and she has to have help with some technical terms but it read just like one of their other books only with the added danger of a family and curious teens!
I very highly recommend this book to adults and teens alike! It is better than you could anticipate! Definitely 5 stars from this reader!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tymurs ~ 4 Stars

TYMURS: The 1982 Tylenol MurdersTYMURS: The 1982 Tylenol Murders by Scott Bartz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I remember being a teen when this happened and the terror but not comprehending or understanding any of it. This book explains and clarifies a lot even though there still aren't clear answers it helped me see the big picture a lot better! I'm glad I took the time to read it.

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Promise Cove ~ 1 star ~ Barely

Promise CovePromise Cove by Vickie McKeehan
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This book had a good back story, but there is so very many things wrong with the EXTRA filth (In my opinion) that did nothing to help the story line. The cursing was way over the top! And what could have been a good book just turned into a smutt fest. They could have been alluded to how they were feeling, but instead went for shock factor of descriptive thoughts and actions.
I just can't with good conscious recommend this book to anyone. I only finished the book so I could give a thorough, educated review. In fact, I am deleting the book from my reader ASAP!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


~ My Hall ~My son put wood crates up for my collection of old books from my Mamaw.This was the beginning of my love of books!

I have books that are due for review and I WANT to read them!! They are stacked by my bed in order of due date...the problem is I can't focus! The Dr. did a switch around on one of my pain medications for my hip, back & shoulder and I can't seem to concentrate for anything!! It is very frustrating. And now I am getting behind and I hate being late!! I'm and early bird normally. If I know something is due by a certain time...my NORMAL self jumps right on it and gets it done ASAP. Especially if it includes reading a book, hello!! That is what makes this (Non-paying) job so fun! What a dream come true! I used to imagine that the perfect job would be at a publishing house, reading, editing, proofing...anything, as long as it meant I got to read every day!
Now I have it, and I LOVE it, I just get frustrated when my medical problems cause me to let someone down or be late. This is the third time this has happened just in the short time since I started this blog. The second time I was in tears from embarrassment  frustration and discouragement. I even asked my family if they thought I should quit the Blog and reviews. But they ALL four encouraged me to keep doing it.
My husband tells me to do the best I can and keep posting because he can see a difference, like I am coming back to LIVING life by communicating with the wonderful friends, bloggers and authors who have written and talked to me. The encouragement from so many people has been a huge blessing.
After being stuck for so long at home with no outlet for my brain, creativity, etc. I was going crazy staring at walls and worse, had reached the point of self-pity. Even though I knew I shouldn't, I kept getting more and more down as the months went by.
Then a couple of bloggers that I met on another site encouraged me to try. They walked me through setting up the blog and how to get started! I can never thank you all enough!
This isn't a poor me post in the least. And I know it isn't a book review. But I felt like I needed to let everyone know that I am still here, still on the job (so to speak), I am just having a rough go of it with my health and it is effecting the Blog. So please don't abandon me or think I'm gone. I have some great ideas I want to add to the Blog and a few more thoughts. Mean time, I will post when I can and I will be having a few guest bloggers, authors, etc. posting once in a while to keep things interesting!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Women Pornography ~ 5 Stars

A Christian Woman's Guide to Breaking Free from Pornography: It's Not Just a Guy's ProblemA Christian Woman's Guide to Breaking Free from Pornography: It's Not Just a Guy's Problem by Shelley Hitz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a new concept for me! I have been on the other side of the story. I guess I was so offended and humiliated by the fact that my (former) husband was not only addicted but PROUD of it and loved to embarrass and humiliate me with the fact, that I didn't realize that women could or would be drawn to it.
Shelley does a wonderful job of opening her heart and our eyes in this book to see that this is NOT just a man's issue. She lays it all on the line and is open and brutally, yet humbly honest.
Willingly telling something like this about yourself to help others is a very brave, beautiful and Christian thing to do and I thank Shelley for being willing to step out into the spotlight to help other women.
This book is a must for anyone addicted to, dabbling in or curious about, is or has been subjected to porn in any way.
Shelley, thank you for letting "your light so shine" to light the path fro many others!
I was sent this book for my honest review. The opinions stated here are my own.

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Prodigal Nights ~ 5 Stars

Prodigal NightsProdigal Nights by Lisa Buffaloe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a real surprise to me! I was not expecting the depth of character writing and plot that I found in this great book!
I ADORE the theme and the package it is wrapped in! I have been down this road myself. "Is my life so badly messed up that no Godly man would even waste his time looking at me?
This landed me in a 12 yr nightmare marriage with a man who DIDN'T want me!! Which left me in worse shape!! But God always perseveres and He brought me to the right man at the right time and allowed him to begin healing my very badly damaged heart!
I love how this story is wrapped in a mystery (one of my FAVORITE genres!) to fill it out and give it life and volume and character!! Great job of doing both writing a mystery and a Christian encouragement and help book all in one! WOW!!
LOVED IT!! It is a keeper for me for sure! And when I keep a book ti is so I can read and savor it all over again and again.
I do feel like I need to add a bit of information here. This book is very true to real life. The author pulls no punches in the fact that the two main Characters are VERY sexually attracted to each other. WAIT!!! They both have sinned in the past and are trying to live by God's rules and guidelines and often find it hard when the sparks start to fly.
As a divorcee who remarried a Christian Man I know that every word she wrote is deadly true!! No matter how strong a Christian you are. If you have had any sexual experience before and you meet the RIGHT one that God has for you...sparks are going to fly!!
The two best ways in my opinion, to handle this is 1. NEVER BE ALONE!! It is just too tempting! We were so thankful for my three year old and his sister who lived with my son and I so we couldn't be alone!! AVOID!! 2nd. Hands and lips off till your wedding day! I know it sounds old fashioned but our desires can take over our brains until it is too late if we are not ever vigilant!! So a hands off policy is best so you don't go too far and regret it later.
I think everyone who has been through a breakup or divorce should be required to read this book.
I was sent this book for my personal review and opinion. The statements herein are mine and mine alone and no one accept I am responsible for what it says.

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