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I am a Christian and seek to glorify my Lord. As such I will not read any erotic, paranormal, vampire, or such books. I also will stop reading any book that has bad language (Cursing and taking my Lord’s name in vain.), and books with gratuitous sex. This is one reason I have chosen to be associated with the Publishing Companies and the Authors that are on my site because I feel safe recommending them to others.

Audrey Grant

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two Days Left In Book Drawing!!

There are only two days left to sign up for the three books I am giving away as an advertisement of my Sister's new Book Blog "SandrasBookNook". Stop by and join my blog and Sandra's Blog and get points and in two days we will see who are the winners of the three books! The books are listed at the top of the Raffle-copter! Hurry and drop by, time is running out! Audrey

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Raffle-copter time!! That's right! My first official book giveaway!! I am running a raffle-copter here on my blog to introduce everyone to my "Baby" Sister's new book blog, Sandra's Book Nook! It is so appropriately named since every since I can remember, she has taken every chance she can find to curl up in a corner of a chair, couch, floor...wherever she could find a "Nook" and would read! We are and always have been a reading family (there are 4 of us kids plus Dad & Mom) and we are passing the love of books down to the 14 (so far)grandchildren! So thank you VERY much for taking time to stop by my blog, take a look around, PLEASE any artistic hints and tips are very welcome! While you are here, click away on the raffle-copter, then hop on over to Sandra's blog and give her a howdy and help her make some new friends and while we are at it, lets see if you can win one of these three books I am giving away!! Audrey

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Must Read!!!

The ReunionThe Reunion by Dan Walsh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok, I read this book on the 7th of this month but have had a real bad month with my health and so have been in bed unable to get to my computer. But this book was so good...no INCREDIBLE that I couldn't wait to write the review! As I was laying in bed after telling my husband the WHOLE book and making him cry also! (He doesn't read much because he's severely dyslexic and it takes him months to read a book.)Anyway,he finally fell asleep and I was laying there wishing I could get up and get to the computer and the review just started coming together in my mind. So I grabbed a paper and pen and wrote it down, thinking to post it the next day...15 days later here is what I wrote about this book!

I wanted to read this book the moment I first saw it. The picture drew me in and made me want to walk up to the trailer, feel the grass on my bare feet, go inside and look around. I could almost see what all the decor and layout looked like...I was fascinated! My sister called and she said she read it and I HAD to read it!! I tried to win it in 11 different contests online and couldn't win it!! Then I found it on e-book (Not as good as the real thing but will work!)
Dan is a master craftsman at his art of writing! I have 2 other of his book on my computer and I am going to read them ASAP!! He has jetted himself to the top of my favorites list! (And that is saying a LOT!!)

To me this book was like a beautiful spider's web that Dan was weaving before our very eyes! He took silken threads of memories from the past and wove them into feelings of the present. Threads wove from Vietnam all the way back to Texas. From The White House to a shed. From broken hearts and homes, to rejoicing and ALL praise given to God!
And when you reach the end it is like the sun coming up in the morning and shining on the web of Arthur's life, making what seemed like a tangled mess a thing of great woven strength and beauty with drops of dew shining like diamonds on each and every strand, for all the lives he had changed along the way!
My prayer is that at the end of my life someone can step back and look at my web for the SON like Arthur's.

A true masterpiece, I will read it over and over so I'm still going to find a "real" copy for my bedside self!! Without a doubt, the best book I read this year! (I read 205)

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Long Trail Home ~ 4 Stars

Long Trail HomeLong Trail Home by Vickie McDonough
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My daughter (12) and I are loving this series! Even though we are reading them all out of order so it is taking some figuring out, but I get them when and where I can.
This book stood strong right along with the others. It has a troubled hero running from God and a confused, beautiful, young woman who bowls him over and helps bring him back to God even though she was the one searching.
I gave this book only 4 stars because I found it too big of a stretch that a girl could fool a whole town AND the man she's falling in love with, into believing that she's blind for so many years. If she wore dark glasses...maybe. But she would look right at things, even his eyes once in a while and with a school full of blind kids he couldn't tell the difference?
Other than that...4 thumbs up!!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Book Giveaway!!!

Merry ALMOST Christmas!! Sorry I have not posted a lot in the last couple of weeks. The below freezing temperatures have been giving me some real trouble with my muscles and nerves. I get cold and start hurting and can't seem to get the vicious cycle to end. When you are sleeping in wool socks, wool scarf, wool hat and sweater under a pile of blankets to try and stay warm and the rest of the family is just fine in a long sleeved shirt, you know your nerves are messed up! But that isn't what I am on here to talk about tonight! My sister, Mrs. Sandra Lassiter, who did a guest post for me a while back has now started her own Book Blog (I was having too much fun and talked her into it!!) So I am going to have a book giveaway to promote her new Book Blog "Sandra's Book Nook"! I am finding out the "How to's" on running a raffle-copter and will try to get it up and running asap with the information on the Book (or Books??) that will be given away! Come one come all! Check out both our blogs (we are sisters and read a lot of the same books but often have a different way of looking at it and describing it!!), join our sites for updates, reviews and ratings on books "Old" and new! Some are so new they are sent out for review before they even are available for sale!! A great way to check out a book ahead of time!

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Incredible Boy ~ 4 Stars

The Incredible BoyThe Incredible Boy by Brittany Nicole Sanford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I won this book on good reads. It has beautiful illustrations! The art work is a marvel of color, action and expressions!! As a Childcare giver for many years and a Mother of three, this is a beautiful book.
I didn't give it a five star because she had the boy old enough to tell the story admitt when he was disobeying and got not punishment.
Other than that... Loved it!!
Thank You for the book!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Return to Sunday Dinner ~ 5 Stars

Return to Sunday Dinner: The Simple Delight of Family, Friends, and FoodReturn to Sunday Dinner: The Simple Delight of Family, Friends, and Food by Russell Cronkhite
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm in love!! I got this e-book to review and I took a walk down memory lane! I want this book for my collection! If you were to come to my house and look in my (4 drawer)
recipe box you would find many of these recipe's in well used condition!
The plus and wonderful thing about this book is that it not only has the wonderful recipes and gorgeous pictures but that it reads like a book! He talks to you as you go through the book, explaining why you should or shouldn't do things in the recipe's too make them better.
He tells you stories about what some of the dishes mean to him and why. Russell is a very good Cookbook Author as well as Chef. I will be teaching some more of these recipe's to my children and looking forward to getting on my feet and back in the kitchen to use them my self!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sandra's Book Nook

***ANNOUNCEMENT*** My sister, Sandra who guest posted on my blog a few months ago about Dee Henderson's newest book (because she got it before me!)was very a popular guest with my readers and "caught the Book Blog bug"! She has started her own Book Blog called "Sandra's Book Nook" and can be found at this link . Go check out her blog and give her some love! She is trying to get some followers and visitors so she can join some of the book networks to review for them! Just don't forget to Join or become a Follower here also because I can use all the help and support I can get! Aud

You Be Sweet ~ 5 Sweet Stars!!!

You Be Sweet: Sharing Your Heart One Down-Home Dessert at a TimeYou Be Sweet: Sharing Your Heart One Down-Home Dessert at a Time by Patsy Caldwell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My oh, my!! Like taking a walk back through my Southern childhood! There were recipes in this book that I have hunted for the "real" recipe for years and they just weren't right...but in reading these recipes, little things clicked like hearing my Granny say that "such in such is what made it have that something special" or hearing the ladies at a Church "Dinner on the Ground" discussing recipes and one of them saying "You would never guess that it had VINEGAR in it!".
These are where I got my love for cooking, recipes and collecting cookbooks...At my Mother's, Granny's and Mammaw's side watching and listening to them and my Aunts talking and cooking. I have greatly missed cooking in the last four years of being bed ridden but I still love to sit and read recipe Books and have taught my kids to cook from my recliner and bed!
This book is a MUST HAVE for my collection! I will be on the hunt for this book! These will fast become family favorites in our home! I am so glad I got to read and review it! If you are going to get a dessert recipe book...I highly recommend this one!

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Perfect 5 for Perfect Gift!

Every Perfect GiftEvery Perfect Gift by Dorothy Love
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a good book that covers a hard time in history for the "women's movement". This it when it was just starting (often as a necessity)......but when women knew how to work hard and still be a gracious lady at the same time.
I love how Dorthy blends the desire to find love, serve God, look her best with a desire to fulfill her dream of writing! Very well written on the struggles of this type of life with both thee main character and her best friend who set out to build an infirmary in town!
Well written, Exciting, and great dialogue, I love the bits of mystery and the conversations were well thought out and written well!
I also love the descriptions of the clothes and the picture of the town!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Book Club Network Magazine - WINNER!!

That's right!! I can finally shout it from the roof tops...I was picked as one of the winners in the big book give away for the magazine launch!! I WON 10 BOOKS!!! EEEK!! I am so excited! And I have already started getting some of them in the mail straight from the Authors themselves! SIGNED! Often with a bookmark or personal note or (Score) both, in with the book! When I saw that wonderful list of books, like every good booklover I had to pick my chin up off my computer, wipe my drool, blink the stars out of my eyes and the dreams from my head! BUT...just in case, I sat down and made a list of my top 30 picks figuring if I did get picked for SOMETHING down the line I would at least be able to go to the list and mark off what was gone and what was left would be my choice, if anything. Of the 10 books 9 were on my list and my #1 book was still there!! So I was very blessed in a big book way and just wanted to share my joy! I hope all the other winners are as happy and excited as I am!! Aud

"Informed Consent" gets 5 Stars!

Informed Consent: A NovelInformed Consent: A Novel by Sandra Glahn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was quite interesting to me! Lots of side factors going on that keep you guessing if you are catching on to all that you need to. Very cleverly written.
I hated that they never told what happened to Ravi....to me that was a very important part of the story. Why did both of them blame HIM so very much?!?! Was it in there and I somehow missed it? I watched for it, but never could figure it out. It bugged me that that trail was left cold and unfollowed.
Other than that if you like a good medical mystery with plenty of lab and techie stuff you will love this book!!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Today I am thankful for forgiveness. God's forgiveness is unending and that is a priceless treasure! Today I realized that I had to show God's forgiveness through me towards someone who had wronged, hurt and devastated me through hurting those I love. I thought I could just move on and "Let it go" because the ones who were hurt had forgiven but I realized I had allowed myself to become bitter and hate filled toward this person myself while expecting the others to do right. (Humans are weird aren't we? We can far easier forgive a wrong to us than to someone we love!) So I had to pray, set aside my pride and simply tell this person. "I forgive you." Not if you admit you did wrong, not if you are sorry, not anything from them...for me and my relationship with God, Just like He forgave me when I was unworthy... I forgave. I never heard a word from this person by my heart is light and my mind is free between my Savior and me! Thank God for Forgiveness!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Road To Mercy - 5 Stars

The Road to MercyThe Road to Mercy by Kathy Harris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I won this book in a contest on The Book Club Network advertising the new release of their Magazine! I didn't know what to expect going into this book but I was wonderfully and pleasantly impressed with this one.
This book basically follows a couple and the people around them. I found it extra interesting because one of my friends is married to a professorial Christian Singer with a group and she also sings plays, sings and teaches. It gave me a lot more insight into the life of weeks and weeks apart in that type of lifestyle. It answered some questions??? about the "Performance" vs the "Ministry" part of Professional Christian Music for me and helped me a lot!
The troubled pregnancy was something I could relate to VERY well as all three of mine were very high risk and I almost lost all three of them and almost died myself getting through the last two pregnancies and getting to where I could have the baby.
And while I did not have the issue of guilt from a past abortion to deal with I have other things sexual abuse and rape when I was young, an abusive first marriage and believing a lot of wrong things about myself because of what others had said and done to me, to deal with.
I love that she used the technical information when it came to medical things. (although she does seem to have a bit of a thing for describing the carpet and flooring of every place everyone goes! :~) ) I still loved it!
I LOVE the hidden story from the beginning that is woven through the book and then revealed at the end!! BRILLIANT!! A true stroke of genius! I am a Kathy Harris Fan, put me on the list!

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5 Stars for "Night Flight"

Night FlightNight Flight by Diane Munson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Each one of their books just keeps getting better and better! I'm not even reading them in order because I just finished this one and won the one that comes before it but they each stand alone also!
By looking at this cover I went into it wondering if it was going to be more a KID book and not catch me up in it the way their books normally do.
Here's the cool thing. It is and it isn't! My 12yr old daughter with severe dyslexia is LOVING it even though it is slow going and she has to have help with some technical terms but it read just like one of their other books only with the added danger of a family and curious teens!
I very highly recommend this book to adults and teens alike! It is better than you could anticipate! Definitely 5 stars from this reader!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tymurs ~ 4 Stars

TYMURS: The 1982 Tylenol MurdersTYMURS: The 1982 Tylenol Murders by Scott Bartz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I remember being a teen when this happened and the terror but not comprehending or understanding any of it. This book explains and clarifies a lot even though there still aren't clear answers it helped me see the big picture a lot better! I'm glad I took the time to read it.

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Promise Cove ~ 1 star ~ Barely

Promise CovePromise Cove by Vickie McKeehan
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This book had a good back story, but there is so very many things wrong with the EXTRA filth (In my opinion) that did nothing to help the story line. The cursing was way over the top! And what could have been a good book just turned into a smutt fest. They could have been alluded to how they were feeling, but instead went for shock factor of descriptive thoughts and actions.
I just can't with good conscious recommend this book to anyone. I only finished the book so I could give a thorough, educated review. In fact, I am deleting the book from my reader ASAP!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


~ My Hall ~My son put wood crates up for my collection of old books from my Mamaw.This was the beginning of my love of books!

I have books that are due for review and I WANT to read them!! They are stacked by my bed in order of due date...the problem is I can't focus! The Dr. did a switch around on one of my pain medications for my hip, back & shoulder and I can't seem to concentrate for anything!! It is very frustrating. And now I am getting behind and I hate being late!! I'm and early bird normally. If I know something is due by a certain time...my NORMAL self jumps right on it and gets it done ASAP. Especially if it includes reading a book, hello!! That is what makes this (Non-paying) job so fun! What a dream come true! I used to imagine that the perfect job would be at a publishing house, reading, editing, proofing...anything, as long as it meant I got to read every day!
Now I have it, and I LOVE it, I just get frustrated when my medical problems cause me to let someone down or be late. This is the third time this has happened just in the short time since I started this blog. The second time I was in tears from embarrassment  frustration and discouragement. I even asked my family if they thought I should quit the Blog and reviews. But they ALL four encouraged me to keep doing it.
My husband tells me to do the best I can and keep posting because he can see a difference, like I am coming back to LIVING life by communicating with the wonderful friends, bloggers and authors who have written and talked to me. The encouragement from so many people has been a huge blessing.
After being stuck for so long at home with no outlet for my brain, creativity, etc. I was going crazy staring at walls and worse, had reached the point of self-pity. Even though I knew I shouldn't, I kept getting more and more down as the months went by.
Then a couple of bloggers that I met on another site encouraged me to try. They walked me through setting up the blog and how to get started! I can never thank you all enough!
This isn't a poor me post in the least. And I know it isn't a book review. But I felt like I needed to let everyone know that I am still here, still on the job (so to speak), I am just having a rough go of it with my health and it is effecting the Blog. So please don't abandon me or think I'm gone. I have some great ideas I want to add to the Blog and a few more thoughts. Mean time, I will post when I can and I will be having a few guest bloggers, authors, etc. posting once in a while to keep things interesting!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Women Pornography ~ 5 Stars

A Christian Woman's Guide to Breaking Free from Pornography: It's Not Just a Guy's ProblemA Christian Woman's Guide to Breaking Free from Pornography: It's Not Just a Guy's Problem by Shelley Hitz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a new concept for me! I have been on the other side of the story. I guess I was so offended and humiliated by the fact that my (former) husband was not only addicted but PROUD of it and loved to embarrass and humiliate me with the fact, that I didn't realize that women could or would be drawn to it.
Shelley does a wonderful job of opening her heart and our eyes in this book to see that this is NOT just a man's issue. She lays it all on the line and is open and brutally, yet humbly honest.
Willingly telling something like this about yourself to help others is a very brave, beautiful and Christian thing to do and I thank Shelley for being willing to step out into the spotlight to help other women.
This book is a must for anyone addicted to, dabbling in or curious about, is or has been subjected to porn in any way.
Shelley, thank you for letting "your light so shine" to light the path fro many others!
I was sent this book for my honest review. The opinions stated here are my own.

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Prodigal Nights ~ 5 Stars

Prodigal NightsProdigal Nights by Lisa Buffaloe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a real surprise to me! I was not expecting the depth of character writing and plot that I found in this great book!
I ADORE the theme and the package it is wrapped in! I have been down this road myself. "Is my life so badly messed up that no Godly man would even waste his time looking at me?
This landed me in a 12 yr nightmare marriage with a man who DIDN'T want me!! Which left me in worse shape!! But God always perseveres and He brought me to the right man at the right time and allowed him to begin healing my very badly damaged heart!
I love how this story is wrapped in a mystery (one of my FAVORITE genres!) to fill it out and give it life and volume and character!! Great job of doing both writing a mystery and a Christian encouragement and help book all in one! WOW!!
LOVED IT!! It is a keeper for me for sure! And when I keep a book ti is so I can read and savor it all over again and again.
I do feel like I need to add a bit of information here. This book is very true to real life. The author pulls no punches in the fact that the two main Characters are VERY sexually attracted to each other. WAIT!!! They both have sinned in the past and are trying to live by God's rules and guidelines and often find it hard when the sparks start to fly.
As a divorcee who remarried a Christian Man I know that every word she wrote is deadly true!! No matter how strong a Christian you are. If you have had any sexual experience before and you meet the RIGHT one that God has for you...sparks are going to fly!!
The two best ways in my opinion, to handle this is 1. NEVER BE ALONE!! It is just too tempting! We were so thankful for my three year old and his sister who lived with my son and I so we couldn't be alone!! AVOID!! 2nd. Hands and lips off till your wedding day! I know it sounds old fashioned but our desires can take over our brains until it is too late if we are not ever vigilant!! So a hands off policy is best so you don't go too far and regret it later.
I think everyone who has been through a breakup or divorce should be required to read this book.
I was sent this book for my personal review and opinion. The statements herein are mine and mine alone and no one accept I am responsible for what it says.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mission Possible - 5 Stars

Mission Possible Spiritual CoveringMission Possible Spiritual Covering by Deborah L. McCarragher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was sent to me at my request for me to review. So everything written here is my opinion only.
I was very interested in this book for several personal reasons. The author is spot on. While my story is almost a flipped opposite of hers it still was the same principle. Though my story turned out far different.
I was raised a Preachers Daughter, saved at an early age and prayerfully married a young man who's family loved God and while he had run away at 16, came back and seemed to have made things right.
Our first year was good and then he got tired of "playing" church and his true colors began to show. His Mother, my Mom and I, as well as others started years of prayer and faith. Basically every step in your book! By year twelve he was a violent drunk, who had run away when I was pregnant, leaving me to raise our son alone for three years. At which time he DEMANDED a divorce.
I spent years claiming him for God only to be divorced and while I couldn't understand I just stayed faithful to God and kept trusting and serving Him while turning my now former husband over to God.
Eventually God reunited me with a man I had met my senior yr of high school, who had never married, waiting on the wife God had for him. Long story short...we married 14 yrs ago and my ex signed the papers for him to adopt my son when he was 5!!
Here's the God part. After years of not hearing from my ex, he contacted out of the blue about six months ago and asked permission to call.
When he called, he said he needed to apologize for how he had treated me and that my Christian spirit made him feel like such a heel he kept treating me worse thinking he could break me and make me act unChrist like. The more it didn't work the harder he tried and the worse he felt about himself till he was so ashamed he had to run...would I forgive him? I told him I forgave him years ago.
Why am I telling all of this and what does it have to do with the book?
There is a verse in the Bible that says "as long as he choose to dwell with her". When a lost husband walks away and says "no more" there is nothing we as a wife can do, especially if things have escalated to violence. Second, God's Word and our prayers will not return void. They may not be answered in the way we think or expect, but in His time... God does His work, remember this is the first glimpse of light for my ex with many people loving and praying for him for 26 years! All in Gods Time!
I highly recommend this book for an encouragement to all women with a lost husband! I wish I had had it 26 yrs ago! Deborah McCarragher http://www.Godmissionpossible.blogspot.com

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Out of Darkness ~ 5 Stars

Out of DarknessOut of Darkness by Darrell Case
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I did not think I was going to give this a five star review. It started out ok but went downhill and then when the character started dabbling in things he shouldn't to get what he wanted and get more power, bigger, better...I was pulling away from him and the book but I kept reading hoping this wasn't one of THOSE books. And it WASN'T!! It is worth every star!
God took them through the fire and showed them where they had lost their way and their hearts and brought them back to Him. Not without great pain, sorrow and loss and at a great price, but that is real life!
This book is one I can whole heartedley recommend without reservation and I say with a grateful heart, thank you Darrell for sending me a copy to review!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

4 Stars for Captive Trail

Captive TrailCaptive Trail by Susan Page Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am so very much enjoying this series!! This is number two in the series and the second one I have read and I love it! It took till the very end for me to connect the two books but I love that the story is a stand alone story even though it connects to the other book.
This was well written, but had a lot of Catholic symbolism and religion in it. It does have faith in God and mention that there is a difference between Protestant and Catholic beliefs but there is no clear presentation of Salvation that I could find, other than the one verse of Amazing Grace. I came away feeling like it was more a Catholic book than anything and that bothered me. It was insinuated that the two main Characters were Protestant but were ok with the Catholics and they were all a great big happy family.
I received this book from M P News Room ~ Moody Press for my review and opinion. The things stated here are my thoughts only.

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Devotion Book ~ 2 Stars

All to Jesus: A Year of DevotionsAll to Jesus: A Year of Devotions by Robert J. Morgan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really wanted to like this book, but a devotional that jumps around from translation to translation makes no sense to me. For me a devotional is a guide to help you in your daily Bible reading. But if I can't open my Bible and follow along and study, make sense of what is being said...then it is just confusion and frustration to me.
Let me put it like this, I wrote a piece and sent it in by request. Was told that I had a special way with words and people would love my story. But when it was "edited" and I read it I couldn't even tell that it was the same story! It hadn't been edited it had been rewritten.
Most of the "verses" were rewritten to the point of being unrecognizable to me.
I was sent this book by B&B Media for my honest review of this books content. These are my personal opinions only.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Word Smith Journal Magazine

Books Won From “The Word Smith Journal Magazine” This month I entered a contest that the Word Smith Journal Magazine was having and was privileged to be one of the winners picked!! As I have mentioned more than once, I went to TX. Last week for my Sister’s wedding and the day after I got back I received a great box with a treasure trove of books in it!! In the box was:

1. “No Other” by Shawna K. Williams
2. “Contingency” by Paula Wiseman
3. “The Ride of Her Life” by Lorna Seilstad
4. “A Heart Revealed” by Julie Lessman
5. “Salome’s Conversion” by Rohn Federbush
6. “Dawn Singer” by Janalyn Voigt
7. “The Deliverer” by Kathy Macias
8. “The Chamomile” by Susan F. Croft
9. “Irregardless of Murder” by E. E. Kennedy

What a wonderful box of books to help get me through this long cold snowy winter here in Alaska that has already started! We already have snow on the ground and I love that I get to mark some of my “to read” books off of my list!

Thank you, Pamela S Thibodeaux Owner/Ad Sales Director The Wordsmith Journal

Christian Fiction Book Reviews

$300 KINDLE SHOPPING SPREE Wednesday, September 5, 2012 | Posted by John Hileman | at 3:21 PM | IT'S THE $300 KINDLE SHOPPING SPREE! made possible by the generosity of these authors THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE A $300 GIFT CARD FOR AMAZON HERE IS HOW TO ENTER (IF YOU DO NOT E-MAIL US, YOU ARE NOT YET ENTERED) 1) Get 1 entry when you SHARE this post on FACEBOOK by clicking the Facebook tab in the upper right corner of this blog post. 2) Get 1 entry when you TWEET this post on Twitter! 3) Get 1 entry when you click "LIKE" on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ChristianFictionBookReviews 4) Get 5 entries if you blog about this post on your blog. Send an e-mail to ChristianFictionBR at gmail dot com, and tell us what you did to promote this contest, and we will put you in the DRAWING. Example: Dear Christian Fiction Book Reviews, I shared your blog post on Facebook. I tweeted about this blog post on my Twitter @kindlelover. I liked your Facebook page, and I posted an article on my blog here: www.kindleisawesome.blogspot.com Thanks. p.s. We're naming our first child Christian Fiction Book Reviews. (we might have gone too far with this part) E-mails for entry into this contest must be received before 5pm EST SEPT 30.

Christians Ought to Know ~ 4 Stars

What Every Christian Ought to Know: Solid Grounding for a Growing FaithWhat Every Christian Ought to Know: Solid Grounding for a Growing Faith by Adrian Rogers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an in depth and yet back to basics look at the Bible principals for Christians. Things that need to be taught to new Christians as discipleship and yet is a wonderful tool for a refresher and strengthener for someone who has been in Church and even the ministry for years!
I found that going back over some of the basics in this book, the way they are laid out, was like a fresh drink of water! It isn't one of those old dry as dust tombs that are so deep and theological that you can't even understand half the words and it puts you to sleep.
Adrian and his son keep your interest and keep things moving right along. I only had one problem with the book and that is that they used different translations. It bothers me when I read a book about the Bible and it's principals and doctrines and the author uses "Other Translations". Especially when they use several. This is my own personal preference and belief. I believe in the King James Version and have a hard time when I read a book about the Bible and it uses several different "Books". There can only be one Bible, One Word from God.
Other than that this is a wonderful book and my husband and I have enjoyed reading it together.
I received this book from B&B Media for my opinion and personal review. The above statements are mine alone.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm Back ~ Kind of!!

My daughter and I are back from our trip to TX. for my Sister's wedding! The plane trips there and back were very painful for my broken old body but it was well worth it! I did find I was more mobile (not a lot) in the heat and coming home to snow on the ground has put the ache back in my body in a very big way. I spent the first two days home in bed huddled up under covers shivering and aching head to toe. The strain of the travel, the rough flight (storms on the way home) and arriving in freezing weather at 2:30 am made my fibromyalgia flare in the worst of ways. My nerves and muscles are knotted and spasming like fire crackers. It has been a rough return to reality but was so worth it!
Bridal Shower Cake!!

A special moment before the "I Do's"

The Happy Bride!!
My Beautiful Mom (Dollie Noel) and two Sisters Sandra Lassiter and Myra Johnson
Three of my beautiful Aunts who drove down from KY for the Wedding.
Three of the cousins.
A kiss between the youngest niece (Flower girl Joy - 3 yrs) and Aunt Myra

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wedding Break...

WE ARE OFF!! I'll be back to posting in about 10 days or so. My Daughter, Joanna (12) and I are flying out of Anchorage, Alaska on a red eye flight to Fort Worth, TX to my Sister Myra's Wedding! I Will be too wrapped up in family and the wedding to post so I will see you all around the 20th! Miss me wile I'm gone!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Confirming Justice ~ 5*****

Confirming JusticeConfirming Justice by Diane Munson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I met Mr & Mrs Munson online at two or three places and we ended up emailing a time or two after I won one of their new books. They are a wonderful personable couple whom I have enjoyed very much and seem to have a lot of the same interests.
When I also joined their NCIS group, it just gave us more to talk about! And so out of the kindness of their hearts they sent me a copy of one of their first books ever written together..."Confirming Justice".
I read it today and I loved it!!! I loved the double plot that took till the last chapter tho fill in all the details of the story.
As an avid Mystery reader, I can often figure out a lot of the story as I work through a book but this one kept me guessing all through to the end.
Stellar Work!

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Restore Your Marriage ~ 5*****

Restore Your Marriage And Fall in Love AgainRestore Your Marriage And Fall in Love Again by Krystal Kuehn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have "Put in" 26 years of marriage. The first 12 I read every marriage and self help book I could get my hands on trying to "Rescue" my failing marriage. I put my heart and soul into it. With the help of my Godly Mother-in-Law we went cover to cover in the Bible searching and praying for everything about Marriage, Submission, Prayer, Love, Faith...
Other than the Bible and one other tiny book that I lost long ago and can't even remember the name of, this book is the best I have ever read at putting all the information together in a simple, straight forward, easy to follow and understand way. I would (and will) highly recommend this book to anyone who not only has a problem in their marriage but wants to keep their marriage fresh and protected from problems and keep it from getting into a rut or falling by the way side.
I tried to save my first marriage of 12 yrs and he walked away. Now almost 14 yrs into my second marriage and we both are even more sure today than the day we said "I DO" that it is a for life love!
This book was sent to me by the Author for my honest opinion and review. All things stated here are my own thoughts about the book and it's content.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

4 Stars ~ First Handy Bible

My First Handy BibleMy First Handy Bible by Cecilie Olesen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a great little book for toddlers who love mimicking Mom and Dad by taking their own "Bible" to Church! It has a nice sturdy little handle on the back for easy carrying and a Child friendly latch to keep it closed. I like that the handle is on the spine so the pages hang down even if the clasp were to break off the Bible would still hang in the right position when carried.
I also love the card board pages which will hold up to little fingers learning to sit and turn pages. Perfect child friendly size to fit their little laps and hands. A great teaching aid.
The one thing that lowered this to a 4 star instead of a 5 in my opinion was that, as it tells each story in two or three lines for the toddlers (which is great)it doesn't give a verse to read to them to go along with it. It is called My First Handy "BIBLE" but doesn't have Bible verses in it. I think this would be a very important addition to the book.
I received this book from B&B Media for my personal opinion and honest review. I have been honest and straight forward in my opinions.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Surrender All ~ 5 Stars

I Surrender All: Rebuilding a Marriage Broken by PornographyI Surrender All: Rebuilding a Marriage Broken by Pornography by Clay Crosse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For Adults! I think that this book is not only for married couples but for single men who are tempted by or already addicted to Pornography. WARNING: This is a very frank and honest discussion about not just the temptation of porn but the details of how it almost destroyed this man's life and marriage. He and his wife are very open and honest about what happened and how they felt and what was said and done. (Not explicit in the way they describe sex, but enough that it isn't for young teens unless they are being counseled for this problem already.)
This book took bravery, honesty and faith to write so openly about what they each had done wrong, how they both felt along the way and how painful and hard the restoration of their marriage was but that they had made a choice and a decision and stuck with each other!
I have lived on the other end of the pain of living with someone addicted to Porn and know the damage it can do to you and your emotions and self esteem as a woman. She is to be greatly respected for sticking by him and standing up with him in front of all of his fans and the world. This is a wonderful book. Well written, captivating, emotional, and in the end heart warming in their strength to stand together.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No "Hiding & Seeking" for this 5 Star Review!!

Hide and SeekHide and Seek by Jeff Struecker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'M HOOKED!! I love a well written book and this book has it all! Love, Laughter, Tears, Fear, Panic, WHAT!!!, Oh no!, all the factors that make you want to keep reading or follow the guys into the next battle and wait for the babies, and be a fly on the wall at the b-b-q's...
There was just enough laughter to break the tension in a very real way. I know this book was written by a Retired Major and you can tell he knows his stuff!
Small details like the thoughts going through their heads just before, during and after a battle. How the know they got hurt but it doesn't compute right away because they are still on go mode and adrenaline is keeping them from feeling the full extent of the pain until the stop and look at it or some one says something about it, then their brain says...oh, yeah that hurts really bad!
Those are things you wouldn't know unless you had been through it. That's not television that's real life! I loved the book and now am on the hunt for his other books!
I hope you keep writing Major!! I love your style!! I'm a new fan and plan to stay that way!
I received this book from B&B Media to read and review for my unbiased opinion. These statements are mine and mine alone.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Still - 4 Stars

Be Still My Soul: A NovelBe Still My Soul: A Novel by Joanne Bischof
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was well written. Joanne has a great way with words and drops you right in the middle of the action, emotion, and heart of the story from word one!
I feel I should state up front that the cover of this book was misleading to me. The girl and setting is so peaceful and with the title I was not at all expecting the amount of abuse and violence I found.
I thought Joanne did a very good job of writing about some sensitive and hard subject matter. Anger, bitterness, jealousy, verbal and physical abuse toward a child/young lady by her father, drinking, abuse in a marriage, theft, lying, death of children and babies....she hits it all!
There were a few people in the book who had a very clear faith and relationship with the Lord and it showed. Some loved Him but didn't teach those around them, which I found odd. Some craved more but didn't know where to find answers and it bothered me that she left that part hanging for both of the two main characters which is why I only gave it 4 stars.
I really did like this book, I just wish there had been some spiritual answers and teaching as well as reconciliation. But all in all a good book.
I received this book from Blogging for Books as an ARC to read and give my review and personal opinion on.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Serpent's Grasp ~ 5 Stars!!

The Serpent's GraspThe Serpent's Grasp by C. Kevin Thompson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished this book last night (early morning) before I fell asleep. I really enjoyed it! In fact as a homeschooling Mother with a Senior this year I am adding it to my son's required reading for his English/Literature for the year!
I love the way the Author includes so many facts, so much scientific information, proof against evolution, all the real with the fiction of the story he told!
And I enjoyed the Naval aspect of the story also! Loved all the detail and information on the boating, Navy, the battle at sea!!
He crammed so much into one book it is overwhelming and so well written! I loved it and am a new fan! I can't wait for the next book! I am thrilled to have won this book on The Book Club Network and had a chance to read it!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 Stars for The Gifted

The Gifted: A NovelThe Gifted: A Novel by Ann H. Gabhart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a good book and I really like Ann's writing. I just felt that it followed so close to the story line of "The Outsider" that I was almost doing a re-read of a re-write. Kind of like watching the movie of the book. That's what it was like. There really weren't any surprises, and all the details of the Shaker lifestyle were almost identical. The same decision to make...
I really wanted to love this book. I was so enthralled with the first one of the series that I couldn't wait to see what she would do with this one! Before I read "The Outsiders" I knew nothing about the Shaker religion and was anxious to learn more about them and what happened to them, etc. But it wasn't to be...
But I am not one to give up! So Ann, I am rooting for you and holding out hope for the next one in the series! Come on, give us some good stuff just like you did in the first one and WOW our socks off!
I won this book on the Book Club Network!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

4 Stars for Perfect Lies

Perfect LiesPerfect Lies by Jennifer Crow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Have you ever picked a book that sounded great when you read the blurb and then when you got it there was a hesitation to acctually get started reading it? It doesn't happen real often, but sometimes when I get a book "in hand" and read the back and inside cover it is like I'm holding a hot coal in my hand and mentaly I want nothing to do with it. So I put it aside and try not to think about it.
But, I have found that it is most often those books that are going to have a big impact on my life! "Perfect Lies" is one of those books. I try to be honest and read all the books I get, in the order I get them, unless I get one that is on a real short deadline and just has to be read ASAP to meet a deadline. Otherwise I stack them adding each new book to the bottom of my pile and when the next book is at the top. That is the one I read. But I skipped this one twice and now I am sorry I did!! DON'T SKIP THIS BOOK!!!
In one way or another I have spent most of my life living my version of these same 9 lies! I am right now on year four of being bed ridden with more health issues than the Drs can keep a list of, I have had 13 surgeries, I have had cancer twice, more back, spine, nerve and muscle problems than you can shake a stick at. The last "pain specialist" they sent me to sent to ONE Dr. for my records and it took over a ream of paper to print them off of the fax machine!
So I felt like Jennifer was writing about me in a lot of ways. God has used this time down to teach me a lot of things and draw me so much closer to Him! Now when I am able to do something for Him, it really is 100% for Him. No doubts in my mind, because I'm at home, no one sees me or can thank me or even know I do it. So I am doing it for Him and I have the peace of knowing that it isn't a "look at what I did" or "I am serving God like my family" or any of the other lies that tortured me for so many years!
A very interesting book. Answered a lot of questions for me. I do not agree 100% with everything that she said, some of her imagery and use of certain verses were not in context to me and I had an issue with all the "translations" of the Bible she used. I don't understand why one, the Original, isn't good enough! But that is my personal opinion and does not change her writing, just my enjoyment of it.
I received this book from Tyndale Blog Network only for the purpose of my reading it to give my personal review of the contents whether good or bad. They have no say in my opinion of the book the thoughts expressed here are totally my own.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Card that Diane Estrella gave away with her interview that she did with me has been announced on Diane's site! http://dianeestrella.com/interview-and-10-amazon-gc-giveaway-with-audrey-grant/#idc-cover And the winner is Alissa S.!! Congratulations to Alissa and thank you to all of you who took time to read the interview and stop by and check out my blog! It meant a lot to me!
And and extra big thank you to those of you who JOINED my blog also!! I have almost made it to 40 followers!! WOW!
Things are very busy around here. The kids and I just started school back up this week so we are in the full swing of homeschooling grades 5, 7 and 12!! I am trying to write my second piece of actual "writing" ever, but this one is hard going. It is by special request, and is about the abuse I went through as a girl and is very difficult to write about. So I could use lots of prayer on that project.
To top all of that off I feel the need to make some major changes in the blog/website but am stuck so am trying to learn how to as I go along. And to top it all of in the middle of it all I am dealing with my health and trying to build up and get ready for a trip to TX in Oct. for my Sister's wedding. So things are busy, busy, busy!!
PLUS I am trying to keep up with my reading for reviews!! (That is the FUN part!!) So now you all know where I am at as far as schedule and how I am staying busy! Once again, Congrats to Alissa! Have fun spending your gift card at Amazon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Child at Heart

I have been asked so many times in the last two weeks "when did you first develop an interest in reading?" and "Who instilled that deep interest in you?"
Both of these questions are kind of like asking me if I remember what my first jar of baby food was and who fed it to me! It just was!!
As far back as I can remember reading has been the NORM at our house. "Go clean your room" (We would end up in trouble because it got too quiet and so Mom knew we were reading instead of cleaning!) "Go play out side! You need fresh air and take TOYS to play with!" So you wrap your baby doll & a book in a blanket and go sit behind a tree and read, if you get caught..."Shh, my baby just went down for her nap!"
I really don't know how my Mom got anything done with 4 kids who read as veraciously as we did and her having to proof read new authors to make sure they were ok for us to read. I know of at least 1 library that we read all the books they had that were considered by our parents as acceptable for us to read!! That is a lot of books.
So I have had a love for good children's books. Books that catch the imagination. Teach without lying or boring the children to death! And as a School teacher for 9 yrs in a Private Christian School, A Child Caregiver in Day Care and Preschool facilities, A Mother of 3,  and Aunt to 27 (so far) nieces and nephews, I have a bit of experience to draw from so I think this would be the next logical page to start.
I have a running list of my favorite Children's books. I think for now I will compile that list with Authors and leave it up for a while and if anyone wants to send me a new one to try or suggest a new one to add to the ongoing list that would be great!
I would like to try this page more open forum so everyone can ask questions about and make comments about the books. Lets see what happens! Right now it is 2:30am so I am going to bed and will try to compile a list later today! If any of you want to start adding books or Authors for consideration...go right ahead! Just cause I'm on Alaska time doesn't mean you all have to wait for me!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Escape Hezbollah ~ 4 Stars

Escape the HezbollahEscape the Hezbollah by Pola Muzyka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this book to be gripping and mesmerizing! Once I started it I couldn't put it down! I felt Empathy, Pain, and Sorrow for Joseph, his Mother, Azita and later even surprised myself by feeling it for his Baba'!!
This was a family that didn't have much of a chance from the moment the parents married. 2 Corinthians 6:14 "Be ye not unequally yoked together..." How can you take a Jew and an Iranian who's very blood, kinsmen, countries have been fighting for generations upon generations and both of them believe in two different religions and God's, then pluck them out of a neutral country and put them in the middle of one or the other's country and expect it to work??
Add an almost teen boy to the mix and "BAM"! You have trouble! Before you even get to the part of the Hezbollah army and girlfriends getting involved!
I think Pola did a world class job on this book! This is subject matter that I don't know if I would be able to touch with a 10 ft pole and she not only wrote it, she wrote it in such a way, I finished it last night and have spent the whole day thinking of the book!!
Thank you Pola for a wonderful book that my 17yr old son is just starting to read and that is staying on our shelf!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Love Triangle ~ 3 Stars

Love Triangle: Three Sides To The StoryLove Triangle: Three Sides To The Story by Brenda A Barrett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Upfront, I got this as an e-book from Amazon, listed as a Christian fiction. I knew I was taking a risk with an unknown author and the subject matter. I was very surprised considering my history, to find that I found myself drawn to most of this book. It was a very new way of telling a story by having each chapter be told from a different Character's point of view as you work through the story. So you are seeing and hearing all three sides of the "triangle" and what they are thinking and feeling and going through.
This was unique. There were some unnecessary cuss words in it that added NOTHING at all to the story. Not because I don't like cussing, but because there were only 3 or 4 in the whole book and they were tacked on at the end of a sentence like an afterthought. Almost as if the Author had to work at putting them in. They stood out like a sore thumb.
There isn't a lot I can tell you about my opinion of each character's actions without giving away the book. But here is the best I can do. The wife's shock, anger, fear, and insecurities are so well written, trust me, true in every sense of every word! Even the extreme turnaround, as a Christian wife...also a true to life reaction.
Husband, this one is hard for me. I would like to think that a man in that situation FIRST wouldn't, but if he did, would respond in this way. But from what I have seen of the world, usually this is not the case.
Other woman...what can I say? She is the other woman and true to form.

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Not This Time ~ 4 Stars

Not This TimeNot This Time by Vicki Hinze
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

WHEW!! I need to take a huge breath after that book!! I know it is sometimes hard to jump into the middle (or end, in this case) of a series and figure everything and everyone out, connect all the dots...but WOW!! There were so very many people and agencies involved in this book I still didn't have them all figured out by the wrap up letter at the end of the book!!
Plus, what are the human odds that you are going to have the same "terrorist type cell" that are all american and all but a couple from the same VILLAGE living in the same village that is full of FBI agents, Undercover Shadow Agents, two computer geniuses who have some of the highest security clearance in the World??? And this is the third time they have all worked together to take this cell down and it keeps growing in among them and they don't know? But they are the best and brightest in our country??
I found it frustrating. If it was a huge city like New York or Chicago, etc. MAYBE, in hundreds of thousands of people, but in a VILLAGE?? Not likely.
That is why I gave this book a 4. As far as writing and getting into the main character's mind and feelings, Vicki did a masterful job! Some of her descriptions of sand in the shoes and the glitter of an ice crystal glimpsed just before it melts...masterful! Wonderful twists and turns!
My favorite part is that she shows the redeeming Love of God that has no bounds! To the lowest person at their lowest point. If they but ask HE can and will change their whole world! A wonderful, wonderful job telling that story!! One of the best I have ever read!!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Hard Cover Feedback Giveaway!!

Check out this great giveaway by Megan @ http://hardcoverfeedback.blogspot.com/2012/08/julie-lessman-interview-and-giveaway.html I met Megan first on Goodreads and then checked out her Blog and found a kindred spirit when it came to our love of books and talking and telling others about them! So when I felt like I needed to start this blog Megan was one of the people I turned to and started asking questions and picking her brain. She gave selflessly above and beyond what she had to and I benefited greatly from it! Go check out her site and her wonderful giveaways, and get to know a great woman!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

House of Mercy ~ 3 Stars

House of MercyHouse of Mercy by Erin Healy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A good book but the mystical wolf being God talking to her and all of her super healing powers.... Just not my thing.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My First Interview!! With $10 Amazon Card Giveaway!

Wow! My first ever interview! Diane Estrella has a wonderful blog and has been a great friend that found me first on Goodreads. Then we kept bumping into each other on the internet on book reviews and I kept asking her 100's of questions about her wonderful blog and how to get started in this world of "Blogging for Books". And she has always been so helpful and gracious and giving! She never gets impatient with my slow learning or with all the questions I keep asking...and she gives me tips and information I would never have thought of! Without her this blog would not be where it is today! Then she said she wanted to interview me and my first thought was "WHY??" But I had told God that whatever he put in front of me and was asked of me, I would do to the best of my ability, so I said yes...and so here it is!! Thank you Diane! http://dianeestrella.com/interview-and-10-amazon-gc-giveaway-with-audrey-grant/

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Full Disclosure ~ 4 Stars

Full DisclosureFull Disclosure by Dee Henderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got my long awaited ARC! I just finished it. And while there were two things I had trouble with, the pluses far outweighed the minuses for me.
For those of you who read my book blog at http://cabinfeverreading.blogspot.com/ you know that a week or so ago I had my sister Mrs. Sandra Lassiter do a guest blog on this book because she got her book before me and I wanted to get a review out asap. Plus I though it would be nice to have more than one opinion on the book. Because while we usually like the same books, we are often different in the way we look at some of the details of the books. Plus, she is the one who introduced me to Dee Henderson's Books!!
There really is no way, that I can figure out, to give this review and my reasons for liking and not liking certain issues other than to talk about them. So here goes...
Unlike my sister I actually like the blending of the former books into this one. Dee is one of the Authors that I ALWAYS hate to reach the end of the book and even more so, the end of the series, because I grow so very attached to the characters. So I loved seeing them all come back into this bock and be interconnected and intertwined.
I LOVE the main male character Paul he is open and honest about what he is thinking and feeling with Ann from the very beginning. It is rare to find this kind of honesty and generosity in a who is willing to give of himself upfront.
I did find it very odd that a man who is such a strong christian doesn't ask up front when he is talking to all of her friends (which by the way is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard of!)if she is a Christian.
But the reason I felt I had to give this a 4 instead of a 5 was Ann. I know she is dealing with some MAJOR Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is a loner who is afraid of loosing people. But, she is very selfish, demanding and un-giving in her side of the "relationship". He does all the work while she wants to be free to come and go as she pleases.
I have had some pretty traumatic past issues to deal with and handle in my own life and I also need some alone time once in a while, but for her to lay down conditions for their marriage that she get 4hrs of uninterrupted alone time every day, a whole week to her self where he isn't allowed to call or see her and he's not even allowed to discuss the option in the future of adopting kids....he has to be the one to give on everything. She gets all the demands and he has to deal with it or do with out her. That is so very selfish!! It made me go from feeling a kinship with her and feeling pity and sorry for her to feeling angry with her.
I waited till the last page for her to wake up to how wrong she was, instead...she decides it is the perfect life!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Hunger Season ~ 4 Stars

The Last Hunger Season: A Year in an African Farm Community on the Brink of ChangeThe Last Hunger Season: A Year in an African Farm Community on the Brink of Change by Roger Thurow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is very hard for me to read. Not because it is in any way bad. But the sheer guilt I feel to know how VERY blessed I am by God every single day as an American!
I so often get wrapped up in MY problems, MY pain, MY health, MY bills, MY,MY,MY...that I forget that though the car breaks down, we still have one! Though my husband doesn't have a wonderful or full time job... He has one!! Though we don't eat out or fancy we DO HAVE food!! And though I'm bed ridden and can't work right now, my family takes great care of me, and my children (even the one with dyslexia) are all getting prime educations!
I still have a good portion of the book to read but the impact, thankfulness & guilt made me pause, talk to my husband, thank God for His blessings and soak it all in for a bit...,

Ok, I'm back! I finished it last night. What an uplifting book of hard work, giving, sacrifice, and love for the people of Kenya!! What a dismal failure for Obama's administration! Once again, promises unfulfilled. Are any of us surprised?
But for the Men and Women who worked tirelessly and gave of themselves, even when sick...even to the point of almost starving & dying. That is Heroism in it's ultimate form!!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

3-Minute Difference ~ 2 Stars

The 3-Minute Difference: Alter Your Health, Money and Relationships Without Changing Who You AreThe 3-Minute Difference: Alter Your Health, Money and Relationships Without Changing Who You Are by Wayne Nance
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was sent to me by B&B Media for me to read and give my honest review.
I have been reading " self help" books for years. I own at least 70 between health, marriage and weight/diet/exercise. So I am well read on the subject. While Mr. Nance has some valid points and good information in the last part of the book, the first 100 or so pages were very confusing and almost torture to get through.
Plus having to go online for a test score then wanting me to buy the "complete" results. If I had paid for the book then been sent online to pay for my test results, while the Author spends most of the book talking about how everyone from Drs to Preachers counseling couples have a hidden agenda..sorry, NO thank you! He's doing the same thing!
I say this one is a skip and save your time and money.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Stars for Home Front!!

Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front (Battlefields & Blessings)Stories of Faith and Courage from the Home Front by Jocelyn Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I won this book in a drawing from one of the Authors (Karen Whiting)on The Book Club Network. The Copy I received has the other cover on it but they read the same!
I am in love with this book! In fact I was in love with this book BEFORE my 17yr old son announced his interest in joining the Rangers after he graduates this year!! Now I am soaking it up like a sponge!!
I asked Karen if she wanted me to give a review now of my opinion of what I have read or wait till I have finished. Normally I would devour this book, but it is set up where it can also be used as a daily devotional and with my son talking non stop about the military I put the brakes on and started reading it as a devotional to help prepare my heart and my responses to be the right kind. So I won't finish it till the end of Dec.
But what I have read is an amazing compilation of American History, Bravery of not only our fighting men but the families who carried on with out them!
This book starts with the very first war the USA ever fought and goes through every war and conflict since all the way up to today! It is a true work of heart! I highly recommend it to everyone and I think every family in America should have one on their shelf!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whispered ~ 4 Stars

Whispered to the HeartWhispered to the Heart by Terry Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really good book. The book part kept me up reading till 4am and I finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion with only a few pages left! To be perfectly honest I would have liked the book much better without the long "Hans" story breaking in and taking up pages and pages. I know it was the boy (and the Author's way of showing it) of escaping from reality and yet trying to explain and make sense of what was going on around him. Kind of a "Wish I had though to say such and such..." but it just seemed to go on and on and cut in so often that I wanted to skip it and move on to the meat of the book.
This was one of those brain twisters of is this his story? Is it fiction? Is it 1/2 and 1/2? That leaves you feeling like you read a biography but the names were changed to "protect the innocent".
Over all I give this book a hearty thumbs up. It shows the struggle and doubt of a 10 yr old boy who wants to believe in God and wants security in his life.
He thinks he is testing God but he is in his fear and confusion truly seeking God and wants a Father. He doesn't understand what all is going on around him even though he is observant and can sense the undercurrents of things happening with the adults. So he just keeps waiting, searching and praying.
And as He always does...God answers in His time and in His way.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Diane Estrella Having a Giveaway!

BOOK GIVEAWAY~~~Make It Count: 180 Devotions for the School Year by Sue Christian

Diane's Review: 

 This is a wonderful resource for students and teachers alike. I will be incorporating it into my 2012-13 homeschooling curriculum for my children. I love how the days count down from 180 to 1 and it’s an easy way for kids to know how many days of school are left to finish. Each devotion is a half page long and then there is a Bible Scripture at the bottom to meditate on also. I appreciate that there is less reading and more time for thinking. Probing questions or thoughts to ponder are included and then an opportunity for discussion is encouraged. This would make a great back-to-school gift for that special student in your life and it is the perfect size for a book bag or purse. This is a great way to redirect kids from all the distractions that school holds and take even a few precious moments to reflect daily on what is truly important… connecting with God and making each day count.

The Giveaway
For anyone that’s interested, the publisher is generously providing a copy of Make It Count: 180 Devotions for the School Year to one lucky reader. Leave a comment below, either through Facebook comments or the regular comment form, and let me know that you would like to have it.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fearless ~ 5 Stars

Fearless: The Heroic Story of One Navy SEAL's Sacrifice in the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the Unwavering Devotion of the Woman Who Loved HimFearless: The Heroic Story of One Navy SEAL's Sacrifice in the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden and the Unwavering Devotion of the Woman Who Loved Him by Eric Blehm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book will blow your socks off! I was sent this book to read and my 17yr old son who is considering a career in the military, snagged it and started reading it while I was finishing another book. He said it was pretty good but started kind of slow and read like a documentuary, but he wasn't very far into the book yet.
Now for my take...I agree a bit with the documentary and kind of slow beginning. I was surprised that it went so far back into history. But once the story got moving, while there was a lot off technical info and a ton of acronyms, the story of Adams life, determination, never quit and keep on keepin' on attitude in every aspect of his life is inspiring and uplifting! NOTE: I will state that while this is an inspiring book about a Hero who trusted God, this is a graffiti story and the author did not hold back in telling it word for word the way the SEAL's told it to him. So there is plenty of curse words and drinking, etc. As such I would not recommend this book for young children. As for older teens like my 17yr old who are considering a career in the military...a must read in my mind!

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